Tonight is going to be long…

I’m sat on my sofa with my little miss Baby is asleep next to me. I keep checking her breathing and touch her skin to see how her temperature is doing.

All day she has been fussy and not really seemed herself. She wanted to be held a lot and I noticed she seemed a little warm. I asked my husband to check, thinking maybe my own natural thermometer was off. He had a check and said she was fine.

I wasn’t fully sure but I couldn’t find my under arm thermometer to check it that way.

By tea time I was sure her temperature was rising. I searched high an low for the thermometer, finding it under my bed of all places. It must of been knocked under there the last time one of kids was ill.

I don’t know if it’s just me or all mums but I have a stash of calpol, thermometer and spoon in my bedroom because then your prepared for when you get that 3am knock on the door saying one of them is sick. I do this because the idea of having to stumble down the stairs in dead of night is both a health risk due to the obstacle course of toys in the dark and hassle because I always forget the alarm key until I reach the bottom step. It starts to beep in excitement, taunting me as I clamber back up the stairs. Hoping to reach my keys before it lets out it’s ear splitting screech and wakes the rest of house up.
So I keep the important things to hand to avoid the above happening.

But back to the present. I found the thermometer and have found my little miss has a temperature of 39.0.

So it’s calpol to the rescue

Now it’s 4 hours later an her temperature is slowly raising again. Her little cheeks are flush red and the thermometer reads 38.2. I have had to book her the earliest appointment with out of hours doctor at local hospital for 2.30am. So her dad is coming home early from work and grandma is taking us there 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be brought to you by coffee and power naps!

Nikki ❤

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