Needs to learn about #hashtags

I’m not completely useless with technology, I do know how to work an iPhone, iPad and Xbox. If you put a laptop in front of me though I am easily confused and it should be illegal for me to using power tools for fear of the damage I could wield to myself or object I’m using the tools on.
Although I’m doing well as I seem to have found a hedge trimmer an lawn mower that understands I’m a danger when using them an have withheld my abuse. (Even if I have cut through power cords more then a few times)

I have amazed myself in the last week by being able to sort out my blog. I have even managed to get it linked up to quite a few sites and joined in a lot of the linky events. My twitter account has seen more action in last week then every before, but I am still not full understanding the whole #hashtag thing.

What it all about? I know if I add if to a tweet or post on Facebook that they all end up linked together. But people are using it in language such as #smilyface instead of actually smiling or #fail when you do something wrong . It just confuses me to no end and who is it that makes all these #hashtags up? what if you word it wrong and link yourself to wrong site?

I am just left with endless questions and not many answers. Maybe someday I will understand it all but by time I do the next new thing will come along and I’ll have to try and understand that.

I know change is progress but sometime I wish it would just slow down or take a break. So I can catch up!

Nikki ❤!

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