Mother’s Day!

Although Mother’s Day isn’t a big thing in our house and I’m normally contented with a hand drawn card the kids made in school an a sleep in until a shocking 9am.

This year I know I’m going to be spoilt for choice. My lovely boys have both painted me a lovely candle holder in craft club at school (that I’m not suppose to know about but sneaked a peak at yesterday in coffee afternoon)and the girls have painted and glittered me a flower pot each for some daffodils at play group last week.(actually E painted them as Baby slept but the thought still counts)

The only down side to this year is going to be the fact my husband has to work from 2pm. So I need to think up something nice we can all do as a family in the morning and do I work my wonders in the kitchen to create a good old Yorkshire roast like I do normally or do I treat me and my little tribe to a day out once dad’s at work?

Maybe going for and adventure down the woods with a picnic and a stop in the park. Letting the kids climb, run free and maybe even find some leaves an twigs to make some collages when we get home.

They’re some great ideas out there and I am feeling very creative at minute. Keep an eye out for future posts and see what we actually get up too 🙂

Nikki ❤)


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