Just a quickie :)

Just thought I would do a quick post as I haven’t done a post in quite a while. I’m guessing it’s because of the half term school holidays and the fact I have barely had a moments peace from kids and the routine of our daily lives.

I’m getting all excited for Easter though and I’m going to spend the rest of this week planning and creating things for the big day. I have a egg hunt planned and I want to decorate Easter baskets. We even have a birthday party to go to in Easter Sunday and my husband is off work so hopefully it should be a good old family fun day :).

Today has been fun of excitement because P learned to ride his bike without any help. He said to me yesterday afternoon that he wanted me to remove his stabilisers. I agree expecting him to be just like his elder brother T and want them back on 5 minutes later. I was greatly surprised when he took to it straight away. It’s was one of those amazing moments when you realise how amazing kids can be. Even when he fell down or crashed (which he did a lot at first)he got straight back up without a blink and tried again.

Now he can ride his bike without crashing and is just amazing. I love my family loads πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Just a quickie :)

  1. Just look at him go! He’s looking very comfortable too, I’m sure there will be no stopping him. I hope you’re enjoying your break. Thank you for linking up to #whatsthestory

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