Easter prep and fun

Today I have spent the day running around supermarkets getting the last bits an bobs for Easter. We have a Easter buns to make, a Easter egg hunt and a nice roast dinner planned. We also have my nephew’s 6th birthday on Sunday too so it’s a busy busy weekend and is hopefully going to be full of fun.

We started it today with a little arts an crafts

I found this is in Asda for £2



It kept the kids entertained for a while with colouring and decorating their masks and putting together their baskets.



Here’s the finished results of masks an baskets.



It’s been fun today (even if I have a headache now)and it’s been the prefect day to do it as the weather has been hit an miss all day 🙂 so it was jigsaws this morning and now we are chilling watching flintstones on TV.


Hopefully tomorrow will be just as fun, with more fun filled activities and if weathers nice we will hopefully go and meet some friends for a day in park.

Nikki ❤

4 thoughts on “Easter prep and fun

    • My kids has to do their own styles. They wanted to add glitter glue and paint but we settled for crayons, felt tips, sticky gems and foam shapes. I’m getting really giddy for Easter this year.

  1. What a fabulous post Nikki, sounds like you’ve all be having lots of fun over the Easter break. The Easter Egg Hunt kit looks great, we did one in the garden this morning funnily enough. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

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