The birthday May Day bank holiday weekend.

This May Day bank holiday weekend was full of fun as it was P’s 6th, my mums and my 27th birthday (P’s and my mums on the Sunday, mine is on the Monday).

It is so hard to believe my youngest little man is now 6 years old.


We decided this year that I was going to have the birthday party. So instead of P having a party we decided to go on a family day out to Legoland adventure in Manchester on the Saturday (the day before his birthday).
We kept it all secret until the morning we were going. We wanted to avoid the constant nattering keep it a surprise. Which we let it slip on our way to swimming lessons on that morning.

I invited my sister and her family plus one of P’s friends. She picked us up from swimming lessons and off we went. The drive was about an hour long and we were split over 2 cars. My sister and me in one car with T an the little ones and my sisters hubby and mine with P and his friends.

Although the idea of a long drive with 3 kids under the age of 3 seemed “fun” it wasn’t bad at all (because they all slept) and secretly I was enjoy the escape from the endless questions that I knew an excited P would be asking.

When we arrived at the Trafford centre I was giddy with excitement myself. Even though I was in serious pain with my back due to falling down the stairs 2 nights before.


Despite the pain I still managed to have great day and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves too. We had some lunch, rode the rides, exploder the play area, played with Lego and tested it out. I wanted to do more with the kids but due to my back I mainly sat with the pram and looked after the coats.
Then finally we had done everything at least once and decided it was time to go home.

The ride home was fuelled by sweets we brought in the gift shop and the excitement of the new toys that had been brought. Then when we got home it was time for tea.

My sister dropped us off and went straight home. So it was just my little family for tea. We went through the daily bed time routine and then I spent the rest of the night wrapping and preparing the house for the birthday and the party the next day.


He loved all his presents and all the attention. Specially when he got to sleep at grandma’s house, so they could celebrate their birthday together.

The party was fun even though I was still hobbling and in pain with my back.
The weekend was one to remember and my actual birthday was spent with me in my pj’s finally resting my back and been showered with love from my kids 🙂

Nikki ❤

2 thoughts on “The birthday May Day bank holiday weekend.

  1. Ahhh happy belated birthday. time really goes so fast doesn’t it? You blink and our kids are all grown up. Looks like he had the time of his life and look at all these fun filled photos to remember. What a lovely idea and day. Glad the car ride went good too with so many little ones. It’s always a toss up which way it will go. lol 🙂 Than you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again there tomorrow. wink wink…. #sharewithme

  2. Happy belated birthday! I do hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday and your back is feeling better. Sounds like P had the best birthday ever, love the photos especially the smiley one at the end. Fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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