Fun, games and daisy chains

The weather has been lovely this weekend and all weekend I have wanted to go out with the kids. I wanted to have an adventure and explore but what actually happened was lots of pre teen meltdowns and a mischievous 6 year old that was adding fuel to the fire.

Which then led to my cancelling my plans and staying home to work through mountains of laundry that the 7 of us create in this house. (I couldn’t let the weather go completely to waste).

So we stayed home on Saturday but it wasn’t boring. E made the day by being completely dry for 2 days straight and Ivy started feeding herself

And attempting to crawl

(I must say the face plant picture really makes me giggle)

Today was better, we still had a few meltdowns and I was a shouty mummy because everytime we tried to get ready to go out they would act up. By the forth time I was ready to give up, but kids asked for one more chance and promised to be good. A promise they kept (until we got home)!

So we went out and in all honesty I was expecting the bickering and arguing to carry on. I was pleasantly surprised!

We only went to the local pack for an hour but it was lovely. The sun was shining my kids were playing and all was right in the world.

E, Ivy and I played in park


While the boys climbed trees


It was then that the stress of the 2 days melted away and I began to enjoy myself. I loved the way the kids were working and playing together. It was bliss and hard to believe only 20 minutes before the boys were shouting and calling each other names.

E got really upset when the boys were climbing trees because she wanted to be up there with them. So I had to come up with something we could do together to keep and her happy. Then I remembered when I was a kid and spending my summer days sat in the grass making daisy chains and pretending to be a princess.

To my surprise it wasn’t just E who wanted to do daisy chains. The grumpy preteen wanted to join in too (shockhorror)
So there we sat in a nice circle picking daisies and making chains.


It was a one of those moments where everything seemed right with the world. It was just pure childhood fun. We talked, we laughed and T made me a lovely bracelet.


We didn’t just finishes there. E and T had a kick around.


While I nursed a poorly P, who fell and blooded up his knee. A short while later we decided to make are way home because I was starting to sizzle and it was getting on to tea time.
I would love to tell you my kids continued to get on and stop annoying each other but that would be a lie. I will tell you that even thought they were bickering again, pretty much as soon as we walked through the door. They weren’t as harsh with each other and I was able to let the constant

“he hit me”


“he said this”

go because for a brief time we were a happy family again and my kids were the amazing kids I know they are deep down 🙂

How was your sunny weekend?

Nikki ❤

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

20 thoughts on “Fun, games and daisy chains

  1. Your weekend sounds almost identical to mine! I too was a shouty mami but when you have grumpy opinionated teens who are already grounded what can you do? We went for a nice long walk once the heat had died down (I don’t do well in the heat) to blow off all our steam.

    I have to say I also love the face down, bum up piccie! Ivy looks like she is almost getting the hang of it now, won’t be long before she’s off!

  2. It is amazing how enjoyable a trip to the local park can be can’t it. I am glad your preteen had a good time – mine has just finished his SATs so also been very grumpy.

  3. Such a great post Nikki – I love the indoors photos but being at the park sounds like it was awesome too. What a brilliant time you all had! Thanks so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. When the bickering is constant it’s a great move to get them out in the fresh air to burn off some energy and have fun together. Playing at the park, football, climbing trees and daisy chains – timeless childhood fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Looks like a great weekend to me, love love love the picture of your baby girl with the daisy chain crown on her head. I think we have crazy amounts of washing and there’s only three of us so I can only begin to imagine how much you have with seven.. WOW.

    • Well it’s taken me 3 days of doing aleast 2 loads a day in a 9kg washer and I am finally down to my last load 🙂
      I had to let Ivy join in fun even though she was asleep 🙂

  6. What a great post and one pretty much every parent can relate too. How much of a rollercoaster is parenthood, huh! Understatement, right?Amazing photos though and I love the one of your tiniest one sleeping, with a daisy chain on her head, haha. Very cute! x #magicmoments

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