My word of the week is stumped.


I seem to have a pattern. I will blog and blog and blog but it will never be that brilliant and then one day a post will just come to me and it will be as if it will nearly type itself. At that point I will think I am finally getting the hang of this blogging stuff but the days or week that follows I will have a terrible case of writer block.

I will play and fiddle about with my iPad for ages typing and retyping posts that I think are good but then when it comes to reading it, I won’t like it and swiftly hit the delete all button. (which is quickly followed by regret)

It’s happened at least 3 times since I started my blog and recently was no exception.

On Sunday I wrote a lovely post involving my kids and a trip to park. It was so easy and I thought (again) that I was starting to finally get the hang of it and I would be able to write great, thought provoking blog posts about stuff I loved and actually cared about.

But everytime I tried the words would just evaporate from my mind and I would be left


With what to say. I would have loads I want to talk or type about but the actual putting it into words part just wouldn’t happen.

I am hoping with more time and a lot more practise that I can move past this. So that it doesn’t happen on a almost weekly basis because I love blogging and I love having somewhere that I can ramble and rant. I love being able to put my feelings and experiences somewhere. Most of all I love that fact that me and my kids will have something we can look back on and enjoy all the memories and fun times we had.

Nikki ❤

8 thoughts on “Stumped!

  1. Oh no, how frustrating! You’ve written this post, though, so all’s well there! I don’t delete posts straight-away if I’m unsure of them. I keep them in drafts and revisit them and re-write bits every now and then, before either polishing them up, or deleting them – saves you that regret moment. I say that if you enjoy it, keep at it! Thanks very much for sharing and joining in with #WotW

  2. That’s exactly how you need to think about it hon – its a record of your days together – don’t think about the potential reader – just describe what you did, how the day unfolded – that’s what I do and the words nearly always flow readily if I have some time to put my mind to it! If nothing else it is fun to remember fun happy times! X #WotW

  3. Oh I know that feeling well.I have many draft posts, most will never get posted. Still trying to find my writing groove, but as long as I record the moments we have I can always go back and edit the posts. #WotW

  4. I think that you just write it as how it comes. I have lots of this post that i felt that is not good enough but thats really how it is. If people dont like it.. its okay now as I dont really have a glamorous & dramatic everyday life anyways.

    Plus practice makes perfect. Eventually every words will just flow and writing a post will be as normal as breathing. Saying this I have to follow this advice myself hehe.


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