This week hasn’t been much fun or that busy because we have been struck down with colds or bugs. So this week my word is sickness!


It started on Monday with E. She was being clingy and had a slight temperature, nothing calpol and mummy cuddles couldn’t handle.

I didn’t think anything of it until tea time when she refused to eat her tea and went to the toilet 8 times in 20minutes. In end we just put her in a nappy (I know great parenting) because she was getting really upset about having to go to loo so much. I did worry it would send her back a step with toilet training next day she was all good and going to toilet (even if it was more frequently). She was fine after a few days although she has developed a dry cough.

Next to be struck down was me and baby.

Luckily it wasn’t as rough for us and it passed rather quickly although I have been told my step daughter has been ill this weekend. It seems to be just the girls that are getting sick cause the boys and hubby have been fine.

Clearly with us being poorly and the house full of germs. We haven’t done much but hopefully will do over weekend (that’s another post).

We are all ok now even though E still has her cough, baby is snuffly and I have a sore throat but it’s nothing too bad and that won’t pass soon.

Nikki ❤

The Reading Residence

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