Today’s spontaneous fun

Today has been a fun and surprising day.

It started off pretty much the same as all the others. We got out of bed made a mad dash to get dressed, eat and out the door for the boys to go to school on time (well for my hubby to take boys to school while I dress the girls ready for play group).

Today was a little different though because it was bookstart day at play group. So we got asked to dress up (none of my dressing up outfits are suitable for a morning at play group, so I declined). Earlier in week I went shopping to buy baby a outfit and I had to get E one because she just looked too cute in it.

E loves dressing up, so she was in her element and had great fun. Baby was a little trickier due to the ruffles and layers in her dress. E went as tinker bell and Baby went as Cinderella.

20140613-181303-65583572.jpg Sadly cameras aren’t allowed at play group to privacy of other children. Which I completely understand but it’s a little gutting because I miss capturing so many great and amazing moments. Like E singing, dancing and playing nicely or when she learned to ride a trike.
While I was a play group I had an attempt at being creative with the material they had at the arts and crafts table, by creating a mobile out of straws, wool card and glue.

20140613-182633-66393498.jpg For daddy for Father’s Day.

On the walk home we stopped at the mobile library that stops at end of my street. E loves going and finding books for us to read through day and at bed time. Then it was home for some dinner, a quick change and it was back out again to get the bus into city centre.
We were going to meet a friend who had 2 spare frozen dresses that I knew E would love.
I didn’t realises the date and when I walked into Bradford centre I realised the place was packed due to it being Bradford festival.
Once I managed to navigate my pram and buggy board through the sea of people that just kept coming out of no where. I found my friends. They were going to take their daughter to play in the reflection pool that is in the city centre. I decided I would join them, luckily I had E’s doc mcstuffins bag with her spare clothes in (I make her take it everywhere since we started potty training) because she went in water and head straight for the water fountain and got soaked.
I didn’t manage to get pictures and did want to risk dropping my phone. It was fun watching E play so carefree with another child she just met. She is normally really shy. Baby and I sat on side with our feet dipped in the cool water, watching E run and splash about.

After the kids got out and changed (E’s 3rd of the day!) we wandered over to the little fair and let the girl go on a few rides. It was fun and I love watching the kids on them.



It brings back fond memories of my childhood and all the fun I use to have on similar rides. I will say the price was a bit shocking at £2 per child, per ride. Baby is too young to go on and had fallen asleep by this point, which was good.

I had a pang of guilt that E was having so much fun while the boys were cooped up in a classroom but my purse was really grateful.

It was fun and sitting in the sun watching E have fun. It was a great day even if it wasn’t planned I hope to have another soon.

Nikki ❤

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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