Fun in unlikely places.

Today has been a roller coaster of a day with me being extremely stressed and on what can only be described as “high alert”.

Today E had the hospital for her operation to correct her vesicoureteral reflux.

I have been trying not to think to much about recently but have been failing and going out of my mind with stress for days over it instead. It got to the point that I was barely able to type a full sentence about how I was feeling since Friday. I can say now that after it’s all over and I have her home (it was a day surgery), that it’s a huge relief to know it went well.

To try and make it easier I brought all her favourite things such as pj’s, slipper, Teddy’s, snuggie and blanket, so she would be as comfortable as possible and able to relax in the unfamiliar surroundings.

As you can see she made herself at home pretty quickly!

While we were waiting for E’s turn in theatre. A lovely ward play supervisor came to E’s bed and offered her a doctors kits to play with. She explained to me that it’s helps the children become less scared of the instruments the doctors might use by playing with them first.
I happily agreed and she brought E her kit.

E was in her complete element, specially with her being an avid Doc McStuffins watcher and fan. She knew what nearly all the little tools did in her kit with out needing my help. She spent at least 20 minutes listening to both mine, hers and doc’s heartbeat.

She even tried listening to her eye, which I found super cute.

Here are a few of the other ways Doctor E made doc feel better!


Now I know I am bias but to see her play like that was just the cutest thing I had seen in ages and made me realise just how clever and grown up she is.

Also the kit really did help because when we got to theatre E was a lot more relaxed and happy. She even fell asleep cuddled in my arms singing “twinkle twinkle little star”. Where as the last time she had a similar surgery in the same hospital, she screamed the theatre down and was fighting me and the doctors off (quite well I might add for a 1 year old at the time).
This time the kit made things easier and she even had fun too. So much so she was a little gutted when we had to leave the kit there for other boys and girls that go to the hospital.
(luckily mummy has already brought her a Doc McStuffins dressing up outfit and doctors kite in sales for her birthday)

I really do love this idea though and advise anyone who little ones are going into hospital to do something similar. I am amazed at how much it helped. I have always tried to make doctors seem fun to E because of her many hospital visits with her kidneys (that’s part of reason I got her watching Doc McStuffins) and I hope to do same with baby too.

I am so glad today went as well as it did though and there were no tears from me or E.

Nikki ❤

magic moments

let kids be kids

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