Kids grow up far too quickly!

Today I have realised my eldest little boy isn’t so little anymore. This is because T and I have had to have


I have been seriously been putting it off (but knew it was coming)mainly due to his age. He is only 9 and will be 10 in the next few months. Recently though he has been asking me questions. Like “what is sex?” and asking about when his voice will break etc. I tried to answers his questions as truthful as I can but without giving too much detail as I wanted to keep as much if his innocence in tack as I possible could.

The reason we were having the talk! (well the watered down version he is only 9!) is due to the fact that T’s school called me explaining that T and some boys had been discussing it in the playground!

So I had the discussion with my little boy about sex and trying not to picture him as my little baby boy who is too young to know about any of this sort of stuff and answer his questions as calmly and as informative as I can without making us both embarrassed. (I have to fight the urge wrap him up in cotton wool or try to figure out a way to never never land then he will never have to grow up!)


I want him to know he can always come to me about anything and if it’s a Boy Thing! that he doesn’t want to talk to me about, then he can always talk to his stepdad, grandads or his dad when he is with him.

So with the help of a human body book and a few tips off parenting sites I took the plunge.

We sat and talked once all the other kids were in bed. I started by first asking him what he thought sex was. I didn’t want to tell him something he didn’t need to know and I also wanted to make sure his friends were giving him false facts.
He was very embarrassed and didn’t really want to say. After some reassurance and me telling him that it will help him learn to talk to me when he is older.

I cover the basic of what sex is, talked about the changes his body will go through and what puberty is, we talked about how at his age he isn’t ready for sex until he is older and that it should be when he ready and with someone he cares about who also has to be ready. I also stressed the point to him that it isn’t something you discuss around younger children or in school and that I didn’t want him talking to his younger brother or sisters about it because they are younger. So when they are older hubby or I will do “the talk” with them like we have him. We went over the underwear rule again and I told him that if he ever has questions to come and ask us.

I do believe the talk went well but I still wish I could of waited a little longer but it’s better him knowing the truth and facts then believing what he hears in the play ground.

Kids seriously grow up way too fast these days.

Nikki ❤


10 thoughts on “Kids grow up far too quickly!

  1. Oh gosh I don’t envy you I have years to go before I panic and not know what to tell them and have to research myself. Sounds like you got a handle on it and did very well. My mom was always so open with us kids too and it made it so easy to come to her when i needed to in the future. You did right by preparing them. I think when we don’t prepare them or shelter them they go elsewhere for the information and it could go badly. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and for future tips!!! #sharewithme

    • That’s exactly what I told myself. That it is better it coming from me and him knowing the truth then from the other boys at school no matter how uncomfy, awkward or embarrassed we were. We had some giggles and I actually think it brought us closer. I hope he will come to me in future.

  2. I am totally dreading this stage! I have no idea what or how to say it! 9 is such a young age though do boys need it earlier than girls? My daughter is 8 hope I still have a few years left #sharewithme

    • I wanted to wait until he was older but i sort of had to have the talk early because he an his friends at school were talking about it and I would rather him have the true fact then anything the boys in the play ground had told him. They start teaching it to them when there 9 -10 in school anyway but my son is a September baby so he is oldest in his year.

  3. Aw bless you sounds like you coped really well with the situation, it has got to be difficult but i do think it can be better to be open about it and talk about it the way you have so he hopefully thinks about it the right way as he grows up. Such a difficult line though! Kids grow up way too fast but I think i was around that age when friends started talking about it at school, definitely still at primary school. Eek not looking forward to those days and I am sure they will be here before I know it! xx #thethemegame

    • I was actually shocked when I got the call from teacher but like you said I wanted him to know he could always come to me and not have untrue facts because I’m sure the boys in school didn’t really know what they were talking about.

  4. I think you handled it brilliantly. My daughter hadn’t started asking questions yet, but I know that some of the children in her school year have bern discussing sex and relationships because I’ve heard it myself. They’re only in Year 3. This scares me a lot! I’m wondering whether to start now, even though I can’t bear the thought that my baby girl needs to know about it already. #thethemegame

    • See if T hadn’t already starting asking questions I would had probably tried to put it off a bit longer or tried to sugar coat some more but as he had been talking about it in school I wanted him to know the truth because in school (specially in high school) kids put a lot of pressure on kids about sex and also give lots of wrong or false information. I wanted to avoid that plus hopefully set up a open line of communication and trust between us so he can come to me about anything.

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