Learning something new everyday.

Growing up I use to hate learning. The idea of school annoyed the living hell out of me and I would scream, shout and paddy that I didn’t want to go. I would refuse to go unless one if my duster friends came and got me ready and I would throw temper tantrums so bad that my mum would have to rung school to take me in.
As a teenager I believe that I already knew everything I would ever need to know and that no amount of school work would every teaching me otherwise. (I got a sharp shock of reality, don’t worry!) so I would skip school or I would just do nothing all lesson.

It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with T and I started to read the books and try to learn how to be a parent. That I realise how valuable learning and knowledge really was. I also realised pretty quickly that I hadn’t made the right decisions in school and I strived to better my self.

I went on IT course through the job centre and started reading more and actually started falling in love with education and learning. It was after P was born that I took my first major steps in my education. I went back to college and redid my GCSE’s and went on to do my Alevels. I was so proud of myself and surprised with how well I did in my GCSE’s.
After I finished college, I was heavily pregnant with E and wanted to take a year out before university but then the prices went up an my university dream was shattered (for the time being).

I decided then that I wasn’t just going to give up on learning again. So I went on parenting courses and learnt baby signing at my local children’s centre. I would try to set myself goals to trying new things and crossing them off my bucket list and I found while I did these things I would learn something new, like a new skill or fact.

But having Baby is where I have learnt the most. She taught me that down syndrome isn’t something to fear and that the unknown isn’t always scary. That I shouldn’t take little things for granted because those little things can make a big difference and if you over look them you might miss somthing thing truly spectacular πŸ™‚


I love watching her grow and seeing how much she is learning because children with Down syndrome have learning difficulties. It can take them longer to learn something that other people find simple. With my other children I always knew they would walk, talk and go the mainstream school, with Baby it was a question that every doctor would answer with “maybe”. She has already learnt so much and at the moment she is learning to crawl. She doesn’t do it the traditional way (neither did my other kids except P) but she moves around the room quite fast, rolling and dragging herself along the floor. It brings a smile to my face and warms my heart because so far the only thing she is slightly delayed in her sitting unaided but I’m sure over time she will show us more of how amazing she is but for now I’m happy because I know she won’t let anything stop her.

Nikki ❀

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8 thoughts on “Learning something new everyday.

  1. Oh yes, our children are our greatest teachers aren’t they. And they will get wherever they are going in time, with love and support. Thank youf ro linking up to TeamT21 blog linky. Hayley

  2. I love that photo of the three of them together. I think we never stop learning either, in fact I was just having this conversation with my daughter last night. What we all need is love and support along the way, and the learning will happen in it’s own time.

  3. I think for some people (and I include one of my son’s in this) school is not the best place to learn. Like you they need to learn through living and life experiences and as long as this is possible then anyone can achieve what-ever they want to πŸ˜‰

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