My word this week is Proud!


This week has been a week of achievements. Not just for me but my family as well .
Here are their achievements of the week.
T has been keeping his temper under control (we have been having a tough time with it recently. So much so it has landed him 1 week ground) but since Sunday (when everything kicked off over Lego) he has managed to stay calm, not raising his voice and has been nicer to family members.
I think E is trying to win the sister of the year award with Baby. She has been lovely and so sweet with her. When ever we go out for a walk, on school run or anywhere, she stands one the buggie board singing into the pram and doing the makaton signs she knows along with the words. (old Mac Donald is a favourite at moment because she knows the animals) I have to join in with the singing (of course!)and we get loads of sweet smiles and people chatting as we walk along the streets listening to me murdering the song with my tone death-ness. It melts my heart seeing how close they are becoming already 🙂 (I wonder how long it lasts as they grow up)

P has been doing well with his football after school and hubby is training to do tough mudder at start of august to raise money for cancer research and Down’s syndrome Bradford.

The 2 major achievements that have made me really proud are the fact the Baby is moving around more and more now. She can roll across the room, spin round on her belly and has even started pushing and pulling herself along the floor sometime with some crazy commando crawl.

She is going to be off in no time and loves her tummy time.

For me my achievements started on Sunday when I found out a won #thethemegame blog linky at redpeffer with my blog post Why me? Why not?. I can’t describe how amazing it felt when I found out. I have been blogging for a while but it’s the first thing I have won. Then to add to that I was mentioned at The Breastfeeding Diaries at Zenas suitcase for my post Breastfeeding and why it was for me.

It was all out of the blue and I never thought I would win. I just enjoy linking up, getting comments on my blog and reading all the other blogs that link up too.
So this week has been a good week and I am safe in saying I am proud of my family for their achievements and I am proud of myself.


Nikki ❤

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