TV: could you live without it?

“TV is very addictive, isn’t it mum?”

This is the question T asked me this morning and it got me thinking about this weeks The Prompt.

The questions for the prompt was:

TV: could you live without it?

In answer to T and his question. Yes TV can be very addictive and it is very easy to get caught up and lost in our favourite TV series.
I know I have a particular soft spot for Hollyoaks, Glee, Nashville, Bones and Big Bang Theory.
I have every show, series linked on to my sky box for the rare time that all my kids are asleep in bed and I actually have time to indulge myself.

I can honestly tell you that I barely get chance to watch my TV though. This is because I tend to have Disney Jr
on through out the day, mixed up with films and DVDs.
It’s not that we sit and constantly watch TV.
Most of time it is just back ground noise to the kids playing, drawing or arguing.

See being a mum to my tribe of kids, I am so use to loads of noise that I actually find silence deafening.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I am one of those mums that plonks her kids in front of their favourite TV show or puts on their favourite DVD so that I can get the cleaning done or just have 5 minutes to drink my cup of coffee while it’s hot. I do try my hardest to give my kids screen free time with days out, time in garden and trips to library. But when the weather is crap or during the winter months my TV is a major necessity because it keeps peace in my house and my kids happy!
I try to make it fun with movie nights, sky box offices and popcorn. I find It’s a great way to spend family time together.

So yeah I use my TV for a few things, like:

– A baby sitter while I go to the loo or quickly tidy round
– To help me switch off and just forget about the world around me when I have one of those days (once the kids are in bed of course)
– I also use my TV as a night light when my hubby works nights. (because at the age of 27 I am still scared of the dark. I just hit mute, curl up in bed and the light from the TV keep the shadows at bay)

So no I probably couldn’t live without TV even though to some people that would make me a bad person and a terrible mum, but I know I am with most of the population that let their kids watch TV to get peace and quite.

Nikki ❤


2 thoughts on “TV: could you live without it?

  1. You are not alone in any of this, and I think TV absolutely has it’s place. It’s like most things, perfectly okay when balanced with other things. Personally I like watching TV, so for that reason alone I wouldn’t get rid of it (!), but I see the benefits that my kids get from good programmes too. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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