20 facts about me

This is my second post for the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

20 facts about me

1) I love everything P!NK (both the colour and the singer)

2) I have 5 tattoo (although I want many more)


3) I am an avid watcher of hollyoaks, have been for years. It’s the only soap I do watch but it is ace.

4) I have an irrational fear of zombies. (I know there not real and there never will be a zombie apocalypse but the very idea terrifies me)
In the words of Dr Doug Murphy from Scrubs

“Dead things should stay Dead!”

5) is my favourite number.

6) If it snows deep enough I HAVE to build a snowman!
(it doesn’t matter what time it is)


7) My favourited film is The Little Mermaid.

8) If I could I would spend all day, everyday in my PJ’s. Just because they are so comfy and I love them.

9) I have had over 21 piercing in my body (mainly from my younger years)

10) I was 16 when I first became pregnant, but 17 when I had T.

11) I have always wanted to learn an instrument of some kind (but now I can’t find the time to do it)

12) when I was younger my family an I joined The Sealed Knot in which is an association that reenactment the battles from the English civil war.


13) I listen to the album Fallen by Evenescene if I need to to have a good cry.

14) Until 3 weeks ago donated breastmilk to help feed young babies and help other mums that didn’t have a great supply.

15) I have had 1 c section (with T) and 3 VBACS.

16) I use to collect Nemi comic strips until I downloaded the app.
(I have a box full of them that I ripped out of newspapers)


I think you can see why I love her and the strip. Always makes me giggle.

17) My best friend lives miles away in Scotland and I call her my wifey.

18) I am 27 and I am still scared of the dark.

19) When my youngest daughter Baby was born and we got her Down’s syndrome diagnosis. I thought it was all my fault and that I was being punished for something I had done in my life. It took a while for me to stop thinking like that and to see her for the amazing blessing she is. Her face brightens up my world and her smile is so infectious.

20) I am loud, I can be a bitch if I am pushed to it and I tend to say what I think. (sometimes before I engage my brain!)
I do try my best to be nice and not offend people but it’s not that easy to do.


So there you go my 20 facts about me 🙂
See you tomorrow x

Nikki ❤

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21 thoughts on “20 facts about me

  1. Hiya.
    Fact 14…I have a friend who raises money for motorbikers to ferry round breast milk for babies in need when something happens to mum.
    Fact 19… My younger sister adopted a downs baby when she was rejected by her mother. She was just 3 weeks old when my sister brought her home from the hospital where she was left. on 19th july 2014 we had a big family party to celebrate her 16th birthday. Downs kids are awesome!!
    Love the blog. xx

  2. Great list – I definitely agree with having to build a snowman if there is enough snow and love the Civil War reenactment photo. I have also donated breastmilk and your youngest daughter is beautiful. I have met a few families on the children’s cardiac ward who have children with Downs – hope your little one is doing well.

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