I am going to use this post to be part of both The Prompt and word of the week.

I didn’t plan to be able to combine both Linky’s into one post but this week has been challenging for me because but not for all negative reasons.

I’ll start with the negative first though because I like ending on a positive note.

This week started just like any other except all the kids have been bored, irritated and pushing each other’s buttons. It has been almost constant bickering that I have tried ever so hard to prevent and split up with activities. I have tried colouring, baking, board games and I even received the change for life 10 minute shake it up Disney cards. I let them all choose one card each to do and set up that game in the garden. They did make friends and play nicely (for like 5 minutes) before they were bickering again.
I have found it so difficult thought because my hubby has been working a horrid shift were I have had the kids most of the time and I’m tired.

At start of the week Baby started being very fussy and was covered in a rash from head to foot. Fearing it was chicken pox or something spreadable I refused to leave the house until we had seen a doctor because what of we came in contact with a pregnant woman. By Wednesday I finally got her an appointment to be seen (which wasn’t much help). The doctor had been having that trouble some morning so he was running late (by an hour) so I was sat in the waiting room with a tried and agitated Baby (never a good mix). All she did was scream, shout, pull my hair and claw at my face. To say the least I was very stressed my self by time I saw the doctor who couldn’t give me a proper diagnosis because he thought it was either a viral rash or an allergic reaction. She was give some antihistamine and sent on our way. By that point it had started to rain too and we had walked to the doctors. So it was safe to say I got very wet and once I got home it was my hubby’s turn to go to work.

Later on that night I decided to make a lovely roast pork dinner with crackling for me and kids (it was a big mistake). The food was lovely but I unfortunately broke a wisdom tooth when eating some of the crackling. The next morning phone my dentist and booked and appointment but it’s not for over a week because by that point my tooth didn’t hurt. By that night though the twinging pain had started, so rest of the week i have been in pain and trying the entertain the kids best I can but it’s not easy with it raining plus I’m not feeling like my usual self.

I am hoping today to be able to move past the pain (painkillers but I’m only allowed certain ones while breastfeeding and cold compresses) and go out to do something with kids.

There have been some positive challenges this week because I have been part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge. Where I have to blog every day to prompts that Emma made up and we link up on her blog. I am on Day 9 at moment so far and I have really enjoyed doing it. It has taken me out of my little blogging comfort zone.

Anyway that’s my week. The bad, the good and the painful.

Nikki ❤

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9 thoughts on “Challenging

  1. I really feel for you Hun I’ve had a tough week too. I haven’t done much with the children because I’ve been in agony with my back and what I have done has lasted 10 minutes before the fighting starts again. Big big sigh I hope little one is okay now and sending positive vibes for next week!xx

  2. What a tough week. I hate sitting in the Drs with the kids as they do get agitated so quickly, and an hour must have felt like forever. I hope baby’s rash is improving now, And to have challenging kids and a constant pain is never a good combination. Have you tried clove oil? I had wisdom tooth pain when I was last breastfeeding, and that’s what I used. I hope this coming week is a better one for you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Sounds like a very tough week for you! The start of your week sounds very similar to mine :-/ I really hope your tooth is sorted soon for you, it’s awful x

  4. Oh honey, what a challenging week 😦 although I’m so glad that you’ve found some positives too. I hope that baby is feeling better and that you get your tooth sorted soon x Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt and huge apologies for being so late commenting, it’s been a very busy couple of days!

  5. Mad week! Hopefully this one is being (and has already been) more gentle on you. The kids are hitting the boredom zone now – mine are constantly screaming at each other and taking out their frustrations on us (and we’re beginning to take it out on each other too!) Hope Baby is better too. Doctors love the “undefined” virus.
    Well done on going outside your blogging comfort zone – that can both difficult and liberating x

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