3 things I have crossed off my bucket list

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 10: What 3 things you have crossed off your bucket list?

I enjoyed this prompt today because I actually do have a bucket list of all the things I want to do or place I want to go before I, well you know.

Visiting New York

I went when I was 15 with my family. I had always wanted to go and was so excited to go. We did all the usual tourist things like Empire State Building, Times Square and we stopped in the hotel that was between the World Trade Centre. It was great I totally loved the carriage ride and ice skating in Central Park plus going to top of Statue of Liberty and shopping the shopping.
I would love to go back again with my family or even just me and my hubby because I would love to watch a board way show and be able to sample the New York night life (specially now I’m over 21!).

Getting Married

It was one of the scariest, happiest and most nerve wrecking day of my whole life. It was amazing and I wouldn’t of done anything different.
I always knew I would get married but it was just a case of me meeting the right man. Eventually he came along and I am now proud to be his wife.

Becoming a Mother

IMG_1107.JPG This is probably my greatest ever achievement. That I some how managed to create these amazing little people who I love dearly (must remind myself nearer the end of summer holidays). They make me smile, hold me close and I love the fact that at one point I was the centre of their whole little world. They mean everything to me.

There you go my 3 achievements and the 3 things I crossed off my bucket list.
Can’t wait to read yours and see you tomorrow x

Nikki ❤

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