My guilty pleasures

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 12: A Guilty Pleasure

Today’s prompt is about guilty pleasures and I have quite a few. Being a mother most young kids most treats are guilty pleasures because I gave to hide away or keep them secret out of fear that my little lovely a will be jealous or worse. Want me to share!
But here us my list of my guilty pleasures:

1. A bottle of wine after a hard day. Normally this will be in my “hard day” glass. Which is a a huge wing glass that holds a full bottle (it only ever been fully filled once just so I could test the theory. It does!)

2. I steal/sneak the children’s Easter, Halloween or Christmas chocolate and sweets, when their in bed asleep and hope they forget how much they have.

3. I love these peri peri olives with garlic I buy for myself to nibble on or have with salads. I try my best to hide them though so kids don’t find them because P and E always want me to share.

4. Ben and Jerry’s caramel chew chew. When ever it’s on offer I treat myself to a tub and hide it in back of freezer (normally under the frozen peas or sweet corn) for me to enjoy when kids are in bed.

5. Stopping for a sneaky coffee and piece of cake in Café Nero, when ever I am kid free or it’s just me and baby or me and E.

6. Haribo! I will treat myself to it but hide it away from the kids so I don’t have to share.

7. I like to play with kids new toys before they do. On Christmas Eve or night before their birthdays we will put their toys together but the hubby and I have to have a play. Now they boys are getting older they want more high tech toys which is fun.

8. True movies. My hubby and kids hate them. So when ever I get chance I will curl up on my sofa and watch true movies.

So there you go my guilty pleasure. Nothing too bad and mainly revolve around food and sweets. But I’m a mother sweets will always be a guilty pleasure.
See you tomorrow

Nikki ❤

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3 thoughts on “My guilty pleasures

  1. We can be friends!! Wine, B&Js and True Movies = The perfect night for me. Only slight difference it that it has to be Fish Food for me.

    Also, totally know what you mean about hiding the good stuff at the back of the cupboard and freezer, tee hee!

    All the best with the challenge xx

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