Where I live

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 13: Where I live.

I have live in the same little area all my life. Right on the boarder of Leeds and Bradford. So much so I have a different postcode to the rest on the council district I live in.
I have lived in 4 different houses in this area but I have lived in my house for nearly 10 years this September. Which isn’t bad to say it’s a private rented house. I do have a fair few issues with this house that I know need to be sorted but this house is my first home on my own. So I am willing to over look the little problems. Plus I don’t actually want to leave this area because I am a creature of habit.

There are some good points about where I live like the fact that my parents are the next street over and are there if I need them. It’s only a short walk to bus stop and shop. There is a lovely park that my kids love plus lots of surrounding farms and horse fields. It’s just a short walk past the park before you reach a wooded area and a great walking/biking/hiking trail.

My parents take the kids walking regularly but it’s not really pram accessible. So I haven’t taken baby down there yet.

My house also has some semi new good points because this time last year I hade just finished redecorating my living room, hallway and having laminate flooring laid.

IMG_1118.JPG It looked great and I would have taken more recent photos but it’s the six week holidays and I have had 5 kids all week so the clutter has built up faster them I can get rid of it.

The community I live in, is a nice one. I have some lovely friends, playgroups, indoor play areas near by and most of people in my area have known me or my family since I was young. I don’t think I could ever actually live anywhere else.

What about where you live?
See you tomorrow when I find out why you blog?

Nikki ❤

blog every day in August

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