My 10 favourite foods.

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 19: Whats your 10 favourite foods.

Well this list is probably going to read like a list of food you can’t eat while pregnant or breastfeeding.
I am a massive lover of food but at moment as I am breastfeeding Baby still I can’t eat most of it 😦
It’s a good job I’m on a coach on way to seaside today otherwise I would probably be rather sad by end of this due to fact I can’t eat half of it.

1. Shellfish
I love nearly all shellfish. Prawns, crab, cockles and mussels. (I haven’t tried lobster YET! But I bet it is yummy)
I love them in seafood cocktails or in a tray in vinegar/pickled (I know classy)

2. Calamari
I love squid specially with a lovely tomato based salsa or sauce. This is my serious idea of comfort food. I always feel happy eating it 🙂
When ever my hubby would take me to frankie and benny’s I would order their calamari cause it was my favorite.

3. Crunchy nut cornflakes
I love a good bowl of cereal on a morning or on a evening for supper. But crunchy nut cornflakes are just a must.
I alway giggly at there advert when it comes on because that is me. I would be the one holding the bowl as the dinosaurs got us saying “there just so nutty” 😀

4. Steak
I blame my love of rare/blue steaks on my parents due to the many trips to America as a child. Most people think I am weird because I only love it because of the blood. I think it’s lush and I like dipping I’m chips in the meat juices that is left on plate or mix in my mash potatoes.
Nothing beats a nice juicy piece of steak specially when it’s accompanied with a large glass of red wine 🙂

5. Salad
I love salad in summer we have it with nearly every evening meal. I don’t just do a simple salad I like to add olives, peri peri peppers, boiled eggs, raw broccoli, or even salt and pepper. It all depends on how I feel and what I fancy that day.

6. Salmon
I prefer it when it pan fried or baked the fillets because I love the skin to be all crispy but if I’m having a healthy meal then I will steam it.
If it’s the thin sliced smoked salmon I like to fry it and add it to my scrambled eggs with onions, mushrooms and pepper. It’s really yummy and was my favourite thing to egg while I was pregnant with E.

7. Soft boiled eggs with soldiers
I love dipping my bread in the runny yoke it reminds me of childhood and always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

8. Roast dinners
You can’t beat a Sunday or any day roast dinner with all the trimmings. (although I am one of the very few Yorkshire people who doesn’t like Yorkshire puds)
Again it reminds me of childhood and of family dinners. Now I’m the mother I try my best to have family dinners with my kids because I want the to have similar memories to what I had growing up.

9. Chocolate fudge cake
I think this is a given to most people and doesn’t need and explanation.

10. Bread
Freshly baked bread. When it’s still soft and warm in middle. Hmmmmmm my idea of heaven

As you can see half of my list is a no go when your pregnant or breastfeeding and most of the other stuff is bad for you or fattening in large amounts (minus the salad).

What’s your list of your favourite foods?

I’ll be checking all your list tonight or tomorrow depending what time where back from seeing the sea 🙂
*waves from beach*

Nikki ❤

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