An old photo of me

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 22: Share and old photo of yourself

I have got a bit behind with the challenge last could of days and I am now going to quickly catch up on myself.
Really sorry life, kids and the holidays have got in the way but today is my down time 🙂

So today I have to share an old photo of myself 🙂 this is funny because I don’t really have many old photos of myself. My mum has them all in her attic or stored away in back of her wardrobe in albums. But over the years I have managed to collect a few. So her we go.
I couldn’t just choose one so I thought I would share both 🙂


The first one is of my mum and me. I think I am around 4 same with the second photo. We where on holiday in Tenerife and I I love how cute and sweet I looked. Specially at that point in time I was probably anything but. (I was a real handful of a child)
But there you go my photos.

What you think?
I can’t wait to read yours.

Nikki ❤

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