My 5 favourite posts

Day 26: What are your 5 favourite post from your archives?

I only started blogging in March but here are my 5 favourite from my archives.

1. Why me? Why not? – This is the third post I ever wrote and I love it so much because it helped me come to terms with Baby’s DS. It is a post I will forever hold close to my heart.

2. Breastfeeding and why it was for me! – This post is full of my stories on my breastfeeding journeys with my children.

3. The Silent Morning – I love this post because I was feeling creative one morning and decided to describe and make my morning more exciting.

4. Highlights of childhood – This is the first poem I have wrote in a long time and I was really proud of myself to finally be able to complete it and I think it’s actually quite good. (I know I’m bias)

5. Fun, Games and Daisy Chains – It’s a great post I think about a stressful day that turned out quite fun and great 🙂

So there you go my 5 favourite posts.

Can’t wait to read yours

Nikki ❤

blog every day in August

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