My word this week is Birthdays


This week was the start of the birthday season in this house. With 4 birthday in 3 weeks. It’s a time that is full of fun, excitement, presents and lots of cake.

It’s also a time that really hits the bank hard and I have to budget/present buy all year round to make sure they have a great day.

The birthdays started this week with E and T sharing their birthday. They were born on the same day, 7 years and 51 minutes apart. Which is completely amazing and great but also really expensive because they are both into different things and throwing a joint party isn’t an option for a stubborn strong willed nearly 3 year old or an argumentative nearly preteen, who is hitting double figures.
So we had to have 2 parties. Which was fun but extremely stressful. I did think about T having his party the weekend before his birthday to make thing easier but I had to change my plans because his dad wanted to spend that day with him. The only day available after that was his birthday.

Once we had the parties booked the real fun began and this week has been a crazy week of planning an me making sure everything was ready and sorted. I had to send out invites, buy decorations and wrap all their presents.

Unfortunately my hubby was working nights and slept most of the days running up to the parties. So he wasn’t much help but he made sure he had their birthday off and that all that counted to me.

On the morning they were over the moon and their little faces lite up with excitement

IMG_1307.JPG as they ripped into their presents.
It was a great moment that makes me proud to be a mum.

The older kids had to go to school and E got ready for her Docmcstuffins themed party at a local indoor play area.

IMG_3572.JPG It was loads of fun and we invited all her friend from play group and I invited some of my friends with kids the same age.

IMG_3626.JPG (I took more photos then this but I don’t like put picture of other peoples kids unless they having given me ok before)

The party went great and she was completely poohed afterwards. There was no time to rest though because we had to go get the older kids and out again to T’s bowling party.

When I was planning T’s party his preteen(ness) shine through because he stated the he didn’t want his family bowling with him, he just wanted his friends and we were relegated to the lane next to it. Is case we “embarrassed” him.

Luckily the party went off with out a hitch and there was no embarrassment in sight.

By the end of the party all the kids were worn out but hyped up on sugar. I was also totally exhausted. But it was nothing a good nights rest (ha) and a day cleaning my house.

The rest of the week has been spent cleaning, taking boys to there after school activities and finding places for all the new toys.

This weekend is we have 2 parties to go to and then it’s my stepdaughters birthday next week and Baby’s first birthday the week after that.

So that is why this week my word is birthdays.

What is yours?

Nikki ❤

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