A walk that turned into an adventure.

As I have said in previous post my boys have recently joined scouts.

T goes to Cubs on a Thursday evening and P goes to beavers on a Friday.

Tonight was P’s turn to go to beavers and because I don’t drive we have to walk.
From my house to the place where the scouts is held, is a good few miles walk away (If you follow the major roads).
There is a dirt road/walking path lead to the estate where the church is, it takes about 30minutes to walk there.

P loves it cause we go pass farms and cross over a level train crossing. I love it cause the views are beautiful. (specially on a clear day)



It always loads of fun and we tend to talk all the way (normally it’s me explaining why P can’t jump in muddy puddles).

Tonight was different though because tonight we used our imaginations as we walked along.
P had found a stick that and he was pretending to be a knight and was saving me from trolls, dragons and ogres.


He took it very serious and behind was jumping behind the bins and creeping round the corners.


Jumping out and pretending to sword fight with the cars, bushes and bins.


He was super cute with how enthusiastic he was. He kept saying he had to protect the princess (that was me).

We were able to play, connect and have fun. We weren’t just walking to scouts any more. We were on a quest to slayer the dragon and to over come dangerous obstacles as we make our way through the deep dark forest.

It was so amazing listening to his story and how he was making this normally boring walk into an adventure.

I am a little sad though now because that will probably be the last time we go on that adventure for a while. Because now the nights are getting darker, I don’t like walking down the dirt road on a night cause there aren’t any street lights.

I can’t wait for spring/summer to arrive again because we really enjoyed our like adventure.

Nikki ❤

country kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

26 thoughts on “A walk that turned into an adventure.

  1. I love how imaginative P is. It’s great that you can spend this time together and that P has this opportunity to use his imagination. It’s a shame that you won’t be able to do this walk until spring but it’s great for you to have that to look forward to. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. Enjoy these precious moments because time seems to go so quickly when kids are this young. It’s wonderful how you’ve managed to turn a mundane stroll from point A to point B into something much more exciting and imaginative. When they’re older your boys will remember these days walking with mum to scouts and beavers. It’ll be a memory they will cherish! Goodness, it’s brought a tear to my eye! Tx

  3. He sounds like an imaginative little boy 😉 You have some beautiful scenery near you. I hope he enjoyed his scouts.

    • Even if i had a light i probably wouldnt walk that way. Darkness and desserted dirt roads are just a bit too scary for me. Always reminds me of horror movies etc. I’ll either get a bus or walk the main roads route.

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