The New Year’s Tag

Thank you very much to the lovely Zena who write one of my favourite blogs, Zena’s Suitcase for The New Year’s Tag.

I have seen many of my blogging friends taking part in this meme and was hoping I would be tagged because it looks and seemed like fun. Plus it helps people get to know some more about me and my hope for the future.

Highlights of 2014

My year started out with a serious black cloud of me and my family. I was still lots in my emotions and with coming to terms with Baby’s diagnosis. I reached out to many other parents and join loads of Down syndrome groups. I am so glad that I did it because I met a load of wonderful people and some lovely friends.
In March of this year I started blogging and finally managed to move myself out from under that dark cloud. By getting my feeling out I managed to stop thinking why me and enjoying this amazing family I had been given.

My hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary also in March. It was amazing and I find it hard to believe that it’s been over a year, nearly 2.

We went on our first family holiday with Baby during the summer and managed to make so many amazing memories. The time was spent playing on the beach, exploring new surroundings and just having loads of family fun.
My boys have both been taking swimming lesson this year and are finally able to swim unaided, they both joined the scouts, P learned to ride his bike and E started nursery this Autumn. Which she completely loves and cries when she has to take time off for the half term and this Christmas holiday.
This was also the year was Baby’s turned 1. We threw a massive party with a bouncy castle (it was more for us then Baby) and invite our friends and the kids round. It was such a great day and we had loads of fun. Baby mainly enjoyed opening her presents and playing with the cardboard boxes they came in.

Excited For In 2015

So far for 2015 I don’t have lots planned. We have a family holiday for 2 weeks in Spain booked and which I am really excited for because it will be E’ and Baby’s first holiday aboard. I can’t wait to see how E reacted to taking he first aeroplane trip.
I still think Baby is a bit young to fully understand but will be able to sense the excitement and enjoy the fun.

I am looking forward to my 1st blogiversary in March and I plan to make changes to me blog and try to go self hosted. I really want to make something of my blog. Although I have loved using the free blog, I know I need my blog to grow and become something more.

I am also really looking for to going to my first blogging events. I already have my ticket for Britmums live. Which I am super excited to go too, because I will finally be able to meet up with the many bloggers I have got to know and read. I also plan to join a few other events if I can manage to get tickets. First though we need to finish paying for our holiday and I need to book hotel for britmums.

New Year’s Resolutions

I make resolutions every year and I do stick to them for a short while but I tend to give up on end. In 2014 I came close to my 1 resolution which was to learn to drive. I did lessons but eventually give up because we were going on holiday and I needed to save the money.

This year I plan to stick to my resolutions but I’m not going to set anything too difficult.

I will aim to eat better and not go for the easy option when I’m tired.
I want to do something to raise money for charity. I may join race for life again.
I am going to put more effort into trying or doing new things.
I will try again to do my driving lessons or take me theory test.
I will move the kids bedrooms round and decorate.

Blogging High

For me my blogging highs this year have been when I won my John Lewis vouchers and for being chosen to write post and reviews.
I have also loved being mentioned on people’s blogs and having people tell me that they like what I write.
It fills me with so much happiness because sometimes I don’t think what I wrote gets the point I want to across. I sometime wonder if my blog is actually any good. Luckily I have a great family and friends that tell me what they think and great people who tell me what they think.

Photo Of The Year


I’m going to tag the following bloggers

Sharon @ TeenTweenToddler

Sara @MumturnedMom

Emily @Mummy’s Retreat


Nikki x

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