#Project365 – Week 1

I saw a lot of post about project 365 over last 9 months and I was really gutted that I wasn’t able to join in as I started blogging in March 2014. I really didn’t feel right starting it when others had the project well underway. So I waiting patiently and looked through everyone’s else’s posts and pictures.
Then when New Years came around I was thrilled that the project would be starting again and I could start with everyone else.

So here we go. These are my pictures from 1st – 4th January.

Day 1 – This picture was of my New Years Day nibbles once I got all kids to bed and was finally able to Breathe. It’s was a very difficult day.

Day 2 – Saying goodbye to the Christmas decorations for another year. They seemed pleased to be escaping the chaos.

Day 3 – The running joke between my hubby and myself is that I’m trying to ‘bump him off’ but this was a giggle to us because he said shame it’s and electric oven. He did do a good job cleaning it though.

Day 4 – Was a fun day out with Baby and kids on Day she turned 15 months old.

Here was my first week of the #project365. Hope you like them of found them funny šŸ˜ƒ

Nikki x

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

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