#Project365 – week 2

This week the kids went back to school and although I did manage to get a few snaps. I didn’t really have my camera/phone out that much.

Day 5

A great picture of me and one of my best friends. We had both managed to get out without any kids and for a few hours act like “normal people” lol.

Day 6

Here is Baby standing after she pulled herself up on the toy box. She is growing up so quickly and coming on leaps and bounds.

Day 7

The hubby downloaded a game from our childhood on his Xbox and we had to spend the night reliving the past. “Just you wait!”, “you’ll regret that!” and “yes sir”. I really do love Worms.

Day 8

Me reading a bedtime story to the crazy bunch. They really don’t look ready for bed but they were.

Day 9

I know it’s not the best picture because it was taken on my photo and it was a quick shot before the bubble burst or Baby popped it. Anyway I still adore this picture of how intently she is looking at the bubble. I love it πŸ™‚

Day 10

Cheers, after a stressful day this is how it ended πŸ˜€πŸ·

Nikki x

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