Kid safe iPad mini case from CaseHappy

When I was given the opportunity to review a case from I was super thrilled and excited to have a look at all the different cases they have available of their site.

I was given a choice to what case I wanted to review as they do cases and covers for iPhones, iPads, tablets and laptops. The company told me I could choose any case I wanted to the limit of £25.

After looking through the site, which I will say was really easy to work my way around. I found a couple of cases I really liked.

1. iPhone 5/5s shockproof case cover, range of colours £8.99
2. iPad mini retro case, range of styles £19.95
3. iPad mini lente designs fabric cover, 3 styles £24.95
4. iPad mini shock resistant bumper back cover, range of colours £14.99
5. iPad mini kids children cover case, pink or blue £24.99

I was really torn between the different case is could choose and which would be best for me and my family. I thought it would be better to choose a case that could with stand my kids over one I liked the look of.
So I was torn between the shock resistant bumper back case and the children’s cover case, because the range of different colours in the bumper back cases but I really loved the style and look of the children’s case.
I eventually decided to go with the children’s cover case in pink (of course it’s my favourite colour) and because it was probably the best option to deal with the onslaught of rough handling my kids put my iPad through.
So I emailed the company and they told me they were happy to send me the case.

The case arrived within a couple of days and I was so happy when I opened the package because it was true to colour and it was bright and pink.
At first glance the case wasn’t what I thought It would be made from, I was expecting rubber but instead it was type of thick foam and a plastic sheet protector.

I was a little worried that I might break it when I tried to put my iPad into it. The case just seemed rather flimsy and not like it would be able to withstand my children but instead be in bits in a matter of minutes.


As I had to give it a proper review though I followed the instructions on how to get attach the plastic screen protector and then I slide in my iPad mini. Is was a very tight fit.

This can be both a good and a bad aspect:

Bad – It can be difficult to squeeze your iPad into case and you than have to pull the edge of the case over the end of your iPad. If you pulled too hard I do believe the case would break. (I didn’t test this out)

Good – Your iPad won’t fall out of the case and is held very snuggly once it is fitted in the case. This means it will be protected if it is dropped. (I did test this)

Once I had the case and iPad fitted properly, I felt a lot more comfortable with the case and the screen. Even if I did still end up with bubbles under the screen protector. It always happens so matter how hard I try to prevent it.

I decided to explore my new case. I love the little flap that you have to pull out to put the charger in the bottom. This stops little sticky fingers from putting thing inside the charger port. I loved the fact that it has a foam centre button at bottom of iPad and that the volume controls are easily accessible.
I think the different positions you can stand the iPad up is great. I have loved using it to watch netflixs while I cook tea and the kids have loved having a handle to hold while they play.


Over all this case has loads of good points and only a few bad

1) At first glaze it looked flimsy it has held up well and it still intact. It’s doesn’t even have a dint, mark or scratch on it……yet! But given time my kids probably would manage it.

2) The case holds the iPad securely even if it is a bit difficult and a squeeze to get the tablet in.

3) The positions the case can be stood, placed and held are really good and helpful for little hands.

4) The case has a flap to stop sticky fingers from inserting things in charge port.

5) Easily accessible volume controls.

6) Looks good and is a bright and colourful.

My kids love the case and I would recommend it because at the price of £24.99 it is really cheap and value for money.

Do you need a child proof iPad mini case because this one is great.

Nikki x


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

12 thoughts on “Kid safe iPad mini case from CaseHappy

  1. My partners parents have had two iPad replacements because of sticky fingers (and several drops) so I may have to alert them to this case! Although his little sister is getting older now so perhaps she will handle their third iPad a little better!
    Great post, so thanks!

  2. My partners parents have had two iPad replacements recently due to sticky fingers and various accidents. I think I’ll have to alert them to this so that they don’t have to keep claiming on the insurance!!
    Great post, thanks!

  3. We don’t use Apple (Android household) but for my 10 year-old daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago we bought her a fluffy animal/creature case for her tablet from Claire’s Accessories. The case rather resembled Sullivan from Monsters Inc. When kids start growing up a bit they want fun and cute, rather than robust and practical, unfortunately 😉

  4. My sister has something similar on hers which has stopped it getting damaged even when its stood on but it was alot more expensive. This seems like a good idea for shorter term maybe. Looks cute too #KidTested

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