From the first snow flake that falls I am a massive child. I just totally adore Snow. It makes everything look clean, it makes the nights so much brighter and it makes even the most hideous places look like a magical wonderland because it hide the rubbish and junk under a nice thick blanket of snow.

But most importantly I love to go out into the snow and play with my kids. I love building snowmen, doing snow angels and having snowball fights.

So this year when it we got our first lot of snow the excitement started to build as I came up with loads of ideas for myself and kids to do. Unfortunately that excitement was very short lived when the snow didn’t settle or we didn’t get enough snow. But then the weather forecasted days of snow. I thought to myself “This is going to be the snow I can play out and finally build a snow man!” I was wrong and the snow was turning to slush almost as quick as it was settling.
I was disappointed and scared that we were going to have another year with no snowmen ⛄️.
Then last night it as the snow began to fall. I was filled with the same giddy excitement I am every time it snows. Almost as bad as a child on Christmas morning, jumping and dancing around. Just itching to open they’re present.


The fore cast was for nearly 24 hours of snow. I couldn’t believe it but I also tried my best not to get my hopes up too much in case it was wrong or it all turned to slush before I got up.

Again I was so very wrong and this morning I woke you to a magical winter wonderland in my garden that would give the movies a run for there money.

It was beautiful. My most favourite thing about when it snows is how fresh and crisp the air smells. It is like all the pollution is sucked out of the air and its is clean. (I know it isn’t but just for a little while everything seems clean)

Sadly this morning the schools were still open. So the kids couldn’t have a snow day 😔. I was a little gutted for them because snow days are them most amazing things ever for kids, but after having a few difficult nights with both E and Baby keeping me up all night. The kids going to school was welcomed as it meant I could have an hour to do nothing while Baby napped an rest were at school.
I made up for it when I went to pick E up from nursery, by taking the sledge.

I picked E up on here own and she loved me running through the snow as she screamed “faster” and “again”. Turn when she had enough of being pulled she took a turn at pulling her snowballs she was collecting to take home. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
Once we made it home I decide that before we wet in to get warm I would give Baby her first ride on the sledge. She loved it even if E nearly pushed her out of it at the end! (I caught her before she face planted in snow)

After we had finished sledging I let Baby have her first big of contact with snow and I let her crawl around and have some freedom while E and I built a snowman.

E loved every second of it and so did Baby. She only started getting fussy has we put the head on the snowman. The rest of the time did had sat and kick, touches and played with the snow. Soon as we got the head on I call time and said we would all take a break to get warm bad finish the snow man after. E was happy with this and we went in for lunch.

After we all had full bellies and were warm through. It was time for Baby’s nap. So while she snoozed E and I added the finishing touches to our snowman. It was still snowing, and it had already started to fill up the gap where we used the snow for the snowman.
The snow was so thick that the idea of trying to push a pram through it to do school run, was a no go. Thankfully my mum and dad were happy to walk up and collect the kids. They even picked up E and the sled to meet pick them up.


This was great because it meant I could chill out and relax for a bit. It also meant there would be enough snow to build snowmen with the boys and A when they got home from school.
The boys were eager to start building as soon as they got home, so we got right on with it. I helped P build his, While T wanted to do his all on his own and E danced about between the two.
I was amazed at how quickly we managed to get the snowmen up. Within a matter of minutes they were built and the kids were do happy with them. T’s took a little bit longer to build but he was adamant he could do his alone.
I must say he did a good job and we actually managed to get them all built and finished in 15 minutes. The bad side to this was because we were all done and inside before A came home. So the idea of going back outside in the cold wasn’t very appealing.


Luckily A was understanding and was happy to wait. Which also meant we had chance to let more snow settle. Just before we had our tea A and I went out into the garden and got to work with building a snowman. Again it took hardly any time at all.
By the time we had finished my garden was looking like something out of a Dr Who episode. We had 4 snowmen and if we really wanted to we could make more.


It really was a great day and it is one of the reason I love snow. But I know not everybody does and to some a snow day is the there idea of hell.
So where do you sit, do you love snow or hate it?

Nikki x

34 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Oh it looks so much fun. I love snow for a short time too, just so we can get out and play in it. Unfortunately we haven’t had any this year yet, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some soon.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  2. I love love love snow! We are always very unlucky and never seem to get snow. A lot of the surrounding areas get it very heavy but there seems to be a forcefireld around the village preventing snow.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun, shame you didn’t get a snow day though!

  3. Lovely post! I am wishing for snow eversince winter started as my son wants to do ice skating. I cant afford it and I reckon snow is the best thing even better than ice skating but sadly we dont have any snow.

    So its safe to say I have snow envy! Lovely post =)


  4. You had a lot of snow didn’t you! I like it when it wrist falls and for the next day or so but am less keen when it turns to slouch and ice and you have to get on with the everyday! If I could, I’d wish for snow to fall on a weekend or a holiday when we’ve nothing planned-not asking for much am I?!

  5. Aaaah so envious!!! My littlies are now 22 months and they haven’t seen any proper snow yet!! There were some flurries when we were driving home on Boxing Day night but it was dark and it had all gone the next day. I can’t wait for a proper snowfall for them to experience it properly!

    I used to hate it when my dad was driving round the country for a living… it was always such a worry. But now he’s not — and my boy and I own a 4X4 😉 — the snow is something I look forward to!!

  6. Ah, looks like you guys had so much fun! I like it as long as I don’t have to drive in it, and then I hate the slush and ice. My kids adore it, of course, which does make it all more exciting 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. I LOVE snow – as long as I don’t *have* to go out in in it. Now that I’m a work from home mum, I don’t think we get nearly enough of the white stuff in the SE. If I were still having to commute, I’d have a much different outlook on it though. 🙂 A great post – looks like a fab day!

  8. 3rd time I am trying, sorry if I seem to be spamming you, but loved your snow post. Not having any near ours yet this winter, so a little jealous, snow is as you say soooo peaceful! #countykids #wotw

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  10. I am with you all the way and loved reading your post! I am still dreaming of waking to a snowscape like this and being able to get teh kids sledge out and make giant snowmen. Once again it has missed us but I’ve loved watching all your fun. I’m surprised the schools stayed open with that much snow. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  11. Oh I love that you made the most of the snow and got out and played in it for a grand ole time together. Love the photos too. Nothing more magical than white fluff falling from the sky to the kiddos. I wish we got enough here to play nicely in just frosty ice more like. lol Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

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