#project365 – week 4

This week didn’t start out all that well because we were poorly but it soon became and amazing week once we were all better.

Day 18

I was freezing cold and feeling really unwell so I wrapped up warm on the sofa and watch some TV.

Day 19

E and I were really feeling unwell. she was running a temp and was full of cold. While I had caught the horrid sickness bug that was going round. We decided to feel sorry for ourselves together.

Day 20

On Tuesday morning I was still feeling ill but I wanted the kids to have some fun. So we had messy play with shaving foam. You can read about it here. Both girls loved it.

Day 21

On Wednesday it snowed a lot during the night and for the whole of that day. The kids all loved its unfortunately the boys didn’t get a snow day though. We did how every age to build 4 snow men and have a whole load of fun. Read about it here

Day 22

My lovely sister treated me to a meal out. It was so nice to get out for a meal and I really enjoyed myself. We went to Toby cravery.

Day 23

Last night was date night and i wanted to make it nice, romantic and special. It’s not always easy to get a baby sitter so the hubby and I can go for a meal. So every now and again I will cook is a lovely meal and we will light some candles and really put a bit of effort into our at home date night.

Day 24

Today we had a busy day or swimming lessons in morning and then we stopped off at the local soft play area for some fun.

So there is my week in pictures.
I can’t wait to see yours.

Nikki x

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8 thoughts on “#project365 – week 4

  1. Lovely snowmen.
    We don’t have a date night as such but we always have something special for dinner and glass of wine or three!
    Glad the week ended well.

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