My week as been extremely annoying.
Not because of anything anyone has done but because I haven’t been able to hear properly for over a week now, due to a very annoying ear infection.

Soon as I lost the hearing in my right ear I knew what it was and I really didn’t want to have to go to doctors because I don’t ever have time and I’m now out of my 1 year free prescription exemption for maternity.
So I looked online and read the NHS direct website that states that an ear infection “should” clear up by its self within 3-5 days.
As always though this wasn’t the case for me and by day 4 the pain really started to take hold. Add that to the constant “pardons” I was saying as I could barely hear anything anyone was saying. I was very annoyed.

So after waiting patiently for a full 5 days I knew my ear infection wasn’t going anywhere and I would have to given in and call my doctors. Which is annoying in its self because it can take on average of a 100 calls to be able to get through to the reception and try to get an appointment on a morning.
That day was no different and once I managed to get through I was told there was no appointments left but I could get a doctor to call me later on in day.

This isn’t a very good option as I was barely able to hear to talk on the phone. I actually missed the first call from doctor because I didn’t hear my phone.

Luckily I noticed a miss called and got when I called back they agreed to have him call me again. When the doctor ring back and I was eventually able to speak to someone that was willing to listening to my symptoms properly. I was to seen at 5.30pm that evening.

You will never guess what the doctor said after she looked in my ear. Yep! You guessed it I had a middle ear infection and I would need antibiotics.

I left the doctors feeling really annoyed but I went and got my prescription and decided I would start the week course the next morning. That way I could enjoy a large glass of red wine and fall into bed. I was totally exhausted and was really really run down and exhausted.

I can now say after 2 days of taking antibiotics, my hearing hasn’t returned yet but my head doesn’t feel like it heavier on one side, my balance is returning to normal and I don’t feel as crappy as I was feeling. Which is good, but I can’t wait for my hearing to come back fully.

Then I can stop getting annoyed at not being able to hear anything and my family can stop getting annoy with my because they have to reset the same sentence 6 times before I hear them.

How has your week been?

Nikki x

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19 thoughts on “Annoying

  1. I’m glad you went to the doctors. I left an infection and my ear drum burst. I really got told off by the doctor! Glad you are feeling better. I hope next week is better for you x

  2. Oh no! You really should try and get to the doctor’s so they can check it out, I know it’s soooo tedious trying to get through and then an appointment. I self diagnosed my ear infection before Christmas… I couldn’t believe the pain- I thought I was hardcore but I was a wreck. It turns out I had perforated my eardrum (completely deaf in one ear), the self diagnosis has frustrated it so I did end up with an infection and a remedial problem. Please go to the doctor- it is so horrible to think of you going through something similar. #WotW

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