5 ways to know you cracked Motherhood!

As many mother’s know having kids is never easy. It might seem like this amazing idea while your pregnant and you will dream and this beautiful baby that you swear will never know what a McDonald’s tastes like, they will never throw tantrums and every day will be amazing because will have managed to always make yours presentable and have your make up done before leaving the house in a morning.

Yes I was one of those mothers too and my motherhood dreams came tumbling down around me within a matter of days of my first son T being born. I left the hospital hobbling like a lady needing a zimo frame after my emergency c section. Every time I moved too quickly or took too big a step my stomach would hurt and it would feel like my inside might fall out. It’s safe to say I didn’t look presentable and it didn’t help that the only clothes I could fit in and felt comfortable were my old unflattering maternity clothes due to swelling after surgery. Basically I was a mess!

By the time I became a mum a second time round all my previous preconceptions of motherhood were out of the windows and I was a single mother. That was until I met my hubby and we started a family together and got married.

So now 4 kids down the line I believe all of these bits of my life have made me realise how much it takes to be a great mum and that sometimes you just need a pat on the back for managing to make it through the day in one piece.

so here my list of 5 ways to know you cracked motherhood:

  1. When your able to some how go to the loo, while holding a clingy teething baby that will start screaming if you so much as hint at putting her down and are able to hug a stroppy toddler, who is sulky because of a reason only they know and understand.  ←  This is a win, because hey at least you were able to go to the loo.
  2. You manage to open and enjoy a bar of chocolate with out your little angels seeing, hearing or even smelling the hidden treat.  ←  As parents we all know how good are little ones are at zoning in on chocolate, so if you managed to eat 1 bar without getting caught, well done.
  3. When you able to make it out of the door in a morning with a smudge of mascara on, your hair brushed and your have matching shoes.  ←  Win!
  4. When your able to feed your baby, while talking on the phone to organise a play date for your eldest and help your toddler put their shoes on with your free hand.  ←  This is unleashing the awesome mummy powers that turn you into SuperMum!
  5. When one of your offspring grabs you and hugs you close for no reason other then to show you how much they love and missed you.  ← This is one of the best and most amazing moments in motherhood. It’s that moment when you realise you are this little persons everything and they love you just as much as you love them.

There are millions of other motherhood wins that we win every day. They don’t even need to be the big things to be a mummy win it can be the simple things like getting to drink a brew while its hot or getting to actually have a relaxing soak in the bath. A mummy win can be anything that makes you feel Proud and Happy to be a mum!mother win

What are your mummy wins that let you know you cracked motherhood?

Nikki x



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63 thoughts on “5 ways to know you cracked Motherhood!

  1. Think that sums things up for cracking Mitherhood. However, I’m now working on going to the loo on my own without a child talking to me through the door about this oh so important thing that can’t wait 30 seconds. My youngest is nearly 12. Hope to crack it by the time she turns 18.

    • Oh if you do crack it you need to share the wisdom of how you did it. I have 4 little ones that do it raging from 3-10. It’s funny because they will ignored me for TV and toys downstairs. That is until I say I’m going to loo or my cheeks hit the seat and then they become chatterboxes that have to follow me or linger outside door, imparting their words of utter importance.

  2. Hi Nikki, you are so right. The difference between being happily pregnant with a first child and the reality of actually being a Mum is immense! I managed to keep sweets and chocolates away from my son for over two years. I tried with my daughter, but she had a nose like a bloodhound and found chocolate as soon as she was mobile!

    For me being able to sit and enjoy a HOT cup of tea, lost in my own thoughts just for a few minutes made me realise that maybe at that moment I had cracked Motherhood…Even if only for a short while.


  3. My mummy win is currently happening – sitting with a smoothie (which will no doubt swiftly be followed by chocolate) and reading some blogs while Baby E naps peacefully! #mummymonday

  4. Haha this was a great post! I never ever thought id go out with hair that hadn’t been washed in over a week! Its quite the norm lately thought, good ole dry shampoo haha! #mummymonday

  5. I love this! You definitely make me feel like I’m on my way to cracking motherhood, thanks! Especially like the point about the chocolate – we can’t even say the word in our house and I have already taken to sneaking into the kitchen for a hidden piece of chocolate or biscuit!! Mim @ http://www.mamamim.com #MMWBH

  6. Great post sweetie, loved number 3. I think i knew I was over the worst when I suddenly realised it was 11am and the teens were both still asleep………..I almost cracked open the wine xx

  7. Yes to 2 and 3. If I manage to look even halfway presentable when I leave the house then I fully expect someone to present me with a medal.

    And as for number 5… Elsa has only just started giving me cuddles for no reason and it really does make it all worthwhile. I must be doing something right to have the unconditional love of such a special little person 🙂

  8. Brilliant post Nikki, love #5 especially! Funnukt enough I was pondering these thoughts this morning as I was brushing my teeth whilst gathering up a load of washing to put on. Mummy multitasking powers are strong 🙂 #sharewithme

  9. I have yet to achieve number 2 and 3, but I’m a expert at number 4. Yay, I’m a supermom too.

  10. Haha! Great post. Much better to celebrate the little achievements that mourn the issues. Today I’m celebrating getting out of the house and having our 2nd play date, making new mummy friends rather than mourning the fact we missed naptime.


  11. I can totally relate to this post! Made me laugh, thank you. I’m pretty sure all these ‘Supermums’ out there that arrive at school perfectly manicured, coiffed and dressed either don’t really have children and are there to merely make us feel bad, or they have some sort of personal assistant! x

  12. Nikki … I love this! the toilet one is the one i aim for every day and yet never achieve! popping over from the FB group and also from Magic Moments … cracking the toilet one would certainly be a magic moments for me lol

  13. love posts like these 🙂 find these sort of posts funny to see what all of us mums struggle with at times, luckily I do get peace when I go to the loo although he likes cuddles now at aged 4 but I have to make sure I’m pretty much wearing my underwear on the loo so it isn’t near him – too much info but the joys of motherhood hahaha!!

    thanks for joining in on #mummymonday 🙂 love, Gemma – host xo

  14. This is such a lovely post! It makes me really proud to be a woman — and really proud to be part of the mama-club too! We really are amazing multi-taskers!! If anyone had told me, 15 years ago, that it was possible to do half of what I do these days — with my twins in tow — I wouldn’t have believed them! But I juggle and spin plates on a daily basis! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  15. My win would be when they settle into a routine and you get your evenings back. Of course at first you don’t know what to do with yourself and then you just slob in front of the TV. But hey, at least you’re watching actual grown up programs! Thanks for linking up #FridayFrolics

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