Why having a child with Down syndrome is the best!

The day Baby was born my world changed forever. Not because I had just become a mother again but because I had become a mother to a child with Down syndrome. At the time I didn’t realise what that actually meant. Because in the early weeks of her diagnosis I was too busy urging her to fight so we could take her home from the neonatal unit.

While having visions of my life being spent constantly in and out of hospitals, living off machine coffee and sitting in waiting rooms or hospital lounges. From the moment they told me my baby had Down syndrome my planned out future was no longer clear. It was all replaced with uncertainty and fear.

I didn’t know what to expect or how to process the information. I was scared I wouldn’t know how to care for a child with additional needs. I felt like I had been thrown into the deep end and I didn’t know how to swim. I was lost and I thought my life was over.

I am happy to say I was so unbelievably wrong! My life was never over, instead a new chapter was beginning for me and my family. I was changing and growing into a better person and I learned to become more accepting of things and I also learned that there are always going to be things that are out of my control. I learnt all of this from watching, loving and spending time with Baby. I don’t know what to say other than she is amazing. She has this air around her that draws people in. Even now at 17 months old she has a way with people, that make them just want stop and smile when she is around. It’s like no matter how bad of a mood I’m in or how stressed out I am she can make it better, when she wants a cuddle and she wraps her little arms around the back of my neck and rests her head on my shoulder and it all melts away.

Most of all though I love her determination. She has had more then enough things thrown at her in the start of her life but she chose to fight and over come almost every hurdle.

When I think back to all the nights, I would sit worrying if she would sit up, talk, crawl or walk. All those tears and moments I feared people would judge my baby as being different or ridicule her for her extra chromosome.

I shouldnt have I should of love my daughter and just stared into her beautiful face and know everything would be ok. I should have enjoyed my baby from the start and not let those things bother me because my Baby is amazing and is forever keeping me in my toes. I won’t change a single thing about her because if I did she wouldn’t be the Baby I know and love with all my heart. She is the best!

As the saying goes:

You can’t be extraordinary without a little “extra”!


Nikki x

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24 thoughts on “Why having a child with Down syndrome is the best!

  1. People see DS as something so negative, so difficult. Yes, it will provide a few extra difficulties as she gets older but he impact it will have on her life can be minimal! I’ve worked with so many people with DS and some have been the funniest people I’ve known! I’ve also worked with some people who have used it to their advantage and been quite mean, but I’m not telling you this because I think she’ll be the same, but just to prove my point that someone with DS is just like any of us; they have their own personality and contribution to life as any of us! I love this post, and the pictures are beautiful! X

    • Thank you for your comment and I don’t plan on treating her any different then any of my other children. Because I can already see she has a lot of understanding and I’m not going to let her DS be something she uses as and excuse. She hasn’t done it as a baby she shouldn’t need to do as she gets older.
      I always say you don’t know if you can unless you try.
      I hope to pass that down to her, because as long as she tries she will do her best.

  2. Lovely post, she is beautiful! There needs to be more awareness of all of these disabilities so that people can really understand how fulfilling your life can be with a little one with a little extra! #binkylinky

  3. Oh she is just gorgeous and I love blogging so that you can share your experiences and show there is a fulfilled life to be led even with disabilities. I think she sounds truly magnificent. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  4. Nikki, this is so beautifully written and the photos are so honest and show your journey perfectly. I actually have a lump in my throat reading this, as much of what you have written echoes my feelings completely. Those early fears and ignorances, and my how far we have come and how wrong we were. Much love to you all and thank you for sharing your story. Hayley x

  5. What a gorgeous little lady! I think most people would spend that first while feeling exactly the way you did. DS is something that slowly, the old fashioned views are disappearing and new ones are coming in because these extraordinary little people are doing things that people didn’t think they would. Such a lovely post – you should be one proud mummy πŸ™‚ #magicmoments

  6. Wow this is such a lovely positive post and such a joy to read. I think the chance of having a Downs Syndrome baby petrifies people and they just panic. I think I would too but this post will help and assure SO many people who may be at the start of this journey x

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