My outfit for #BlogCamp2015

As most people on Twitter will tell you, I have been going on all week about what I’m going to wear to the event held by Tots100 called BlogCamp.

I have dug through my wardrobe and though of all the outfits and clothes I own. And even though I do have some lovely thing that would have looked lovely on the day, I really wanted to treat myself to a new outfit for my First Ever Blogger Event.

This is because I know that if I like what I’m wearing and I feel I look good, I will also feel good about myself and I will be able to be my confident and bubbly self because I won’t have the silly little self doubts niggling away at my about what I am wearing.

So here is my outfit I’m going to be wearing tomorrow:

I’m going to be wearing a black day dress with lace trim and a white butterfly print for South that I ordered from Littlewoods for £32.00, with black, lace trim leggings from New look £14.00, the wedge sandals I got from George Asda £14.00 and the buttfly necklace is from avon. (I can’t remember how much that cost because I have had it years)

I must say I am really excited for BlogCamp tomorrow, even more so now I have my outfit sorted. 

Tonight I am going to be thinking about what to do with my hair and probably painting my nails 🙂 before I have and early night as its a 5 am start because I have to catch the train from Bradford to Birmingham.

Are you going to BlogCamp?

Do you know what your wearing?

Have you been before?

Hurry up and make tomorrow, today please 😄

Nikki x 

11 thoughts on “My outfit for #BlogCamp2015

  1. Lovely outfit! I’m wearing my normal clothes because I didn’t have time to get a new outfit :-/ Look forward to seeing you x

  2. How was it? I’ve never been, but all the social media buzz surrounding the event made me wish I was there! I love your outfit. Black is one of my favourite colors when it comes to clothes so this is totally something I’d wear. It’s very summery too with the sandals. Thanks for linking up with the #BinkyLinky

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