Kid safe iPad mini case from CaseHappy

When I was given the opportunity to review a case from I was super thrilled and excited to have a look at all the different cases they have available of their site.

I was given a choice to what case I wanted to review as they do cases and covers for iPhones, iPads, tablets and laptops. The company told me I could choose any case I wanted to the limit of £25.

After looking through the site, which I will say was really easy to work my way around. I found a couple of cases I really liked.

1. iPhone 5/5s shockproof case cover, range of colours £8.99
2. iPad mini retro case, range of styles £19.95
3. iPad mini lente designs fabric cover, 3 styles £24.95
4. iPad mini shock resistant bumper back cover, range of colours £14.99
5. iPad mini kids children cover case, pink or blue £24.99

I was really torn between the different case is could choose and which would be best for me and my family. I thought it would be better to choose a case that could with stand my kids over one I liked the look of.
So I was torn between the shock resistant bumper back case and the children’s cover case, because the range of different colours in the bumper back cases but I really loved the style and look of the children’s case.
I eventually decided to go with the children’s cover case in pink (of course it’s my favourite colour) and because it was probably the best option to deal with the onslaught of rough handling my kids put my iPad through.
So I emailed the company and they told me they were happy to send me the case.

The case arrived within a couple of days and I was so happy when I opened the package because it was true to colour and it was bright and pink.
At first glance the case wasn’t what I thought It would be made from, I was expecting rubber but instead it was type of thick foam and a plastic sheet protector.

I was a little worried that I might break it when I tried to put my iPad into it. The case just seemed rather flimsy and not like it would be able to withstand my children but instead be in bits in a matter of minutes.


As I had to give it a proper review though I followed the instructions on how to get attach the plastic screen protector and then I slide in my iPad mini. Is was a very tight fit.

This can be both a good and a bad aspect:

Bad – It can be difficult to squeeze your iPad into case and you than have to pull the edge of the case over the end of your iPad. If you pulled too hard I do believe the case would break. (I didn’t test this out)

Good – Your iPad won’t fall out of the case and is held very snuggly once it is fitted in the case. This means it will be protected if it is dropped. (I did test this)

Once I had the case and iPad fitted properly, I felt a lot more comfortable with the case and the screen. Even if I did still end up with bubbles under the screen protector. It always happens so matter how hard I try to prevent it.

I decided to explore my new case. I love the little flap that you have to pull out to put the charger in the bottom. This stops little sticky fingers from putting thing inside the charger port. I loved the fact that it has a foam centre button at bottom of iPad and that the volume controls are easily accessible.
I think the different positions you can stand the iPad up is great. I have loved using it to watch netflixs while I cook tea and the kids have loved having a handle to hold while they play.


Over all this case has loads of good points and only a few bad

1) At first glaze it looked flimsy it has held up well and it still intact. It’s doesn’t even have a dint, mark or scratch on it……yet! But given time my kids probably would manage it.

2) The case holds the iPad securely even if it is a bit difficult and a squeeze to get the tablet in.

3) The positions the case can be stood, placed and held are really good and helpful for little hands.

4) The case has a flap to stop sticky fingers from inserting things in charge port.

5) Easily accessible volume controls.

6) Looks good and is a bright and colourful.

My kids love the case and I would recommend it because at the price of £24.99 it is really cheap and value for money.

Do you need a child proof iPad mini case because this one is great.

Nikki x


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

My Secret Santa

This Christmas I joined in with a secret Santa that was run by the lovely Emily at Twin mummy’s newbie bloggers, facebook group.

I had never really taken part in a secret Santa before and was nervous/excited about what to do or if I would get the right presents for the person I was given. I really enjoyed the idea of then blogging about our gifts so the person who sent it would know what we thought of their gifts. I also loved the fact that i was going to be given a present that I wouldn’t have to buy myself. (my hubby isn’t normally good at present/gifts although he has really tired this year so we will see on Christmas morning 😃)

We were all given a £10 limit and given the url, address and name of the person that was picked for us. I found trying to find a nice present/presents that the person I was given quite hard with the £10 limit, but I eventually came across some nice stuff and wrapped them and sent them off on the deadline date of the 8th December.

Within a couple of days my parcel had arrive from my secret Santa. It was wrapped in a bright pink plastic parcel bag with a lovely card and my address on front with a “fragile with care” sticker on front. (Of course to my kids this meant when mummy outs the box down, we should go over and give it a curious shake)
I put the present to one side where it sat tempting me for days/weeks. We had all agreed to open them together on a certain date (but you know what the Royal Mail can be like at Christmas time. It must be bedlam) and some of the people unfortunately hadn’t received their gifts by that date. So the date was changed and we were told that we could open the presents when ever.

Finally I was able to see what was inside the box that was sent to me. I was extremely giddy to be able to open my gift that I forgot to take a photo of how it arrived.
Inside was a lovely red and gold box that was filled with a nice card and a load of gifts that were hidden in the red shredded paper.

It was so exciting having to dig threw the paper to find the gifts inside. It made the experience so much more fun and made me appreciate the gift even more.

Inside the box was:
2 eye shadow palettes
3 fragrance testers
Cocoa butter hand cream
Cocoa butter moisturiser
Baylis shower gel, body cream and soap
Plus a Gold shatter nail varnish


I was amazed at how much my Santa had managed to get on our budget and was so happy with the gifts. One thing I know I am in need of is some pampering and me time but like most mums it’s not easy to find the time to give yourself a break. Now I have a reason and some great products to try out. I can’t wait to try out the makeup and nail varnish. The even better thing is just before this gift arrived I was thinking I needed to buy myself some more hand cream and I am always wanting to try out new fragrances because I tend to stick to same ones all time.


Thank you to my secret Santa your gift is much appreciated, you did a great job 😄
My kids also loved all the bubble wrapped that up wrapped the breakable stuff in. They had a field day popping it while I hunted through the box to find my next treat ☺️


🎅🎄🌟🎁😄🍷 Merry Christmas Everyone 🍷😄🎁🌟🎄🎅

Nikki x

Pretty Bijous Earring Review

When I first read the opportunity to review this jewellery. I was almost ready to look past it and try to find another but then i clicked on the link to the Pretty Bijous Etsy shop. It was there that i saw all the lovely, one of a kind jewellery.

I was amazed at all the colours, styles and shapes of the jewellery. It can most definitely be called statement jewellery.


As I looked through the photos of all the handcrafted earrings, necklaces and rings. I fell in love with the different colours.

There are 4 different collections to choose from:

  • Ocean Breeze
  • Tribal
  • Mystique
  • Tutti Frutti

Not all of the collections or jewellery were to my taste but I really loved the Tribal collection. I found the Tutti Frutti was a little to loud for me but still really beautiful. Specially for people who like bright, colourful and unique accessories.

When the lovely creator emailed me back saying she was happy to send me some of her jewellery to review. I was more excited than a child waiting for christmas morning because I didn’t know what style she had sent me and if they the jewellery would actually suit me. This worry was a little bit more intensified when I opened the earing box, because at first glance I wasnt sure the earring I was sent would suit me or anything I owned.


It was a silly little worry that I soon put to the back of my mind when I put the earrings on. They looked great and were so comfy to wear. I wasnt sure they would be from the picture because of how big they are and the fact that they are made from polymer clay that is then varnished in a satin glaze to make them glossy and shiny. They felt no different to wearing most other dangling earrings. They are finished off with a nickel-free silver plated jump rings and fish hooks earring wire, making them look and feel great when you’re wearing them.

I was desperate to wear them out and get people’s opinions. I asked all my friends and of course my hubby and they all thought they looked great. Baby was very interested in them and kept trying to grab or pull them, so I don’t advise wearing them around young children/babies but they wear prefect for any other time.


They went great with almost all my outfits and could be worn during the day and easily transitioned to the night life look.

I have now fallen in love with these earring and I am trying to persuade my hubby in to buying me some more jewellery from her collection for Christmas. (HINT, HINT Andy!) So far though he hasn’t looked into it.

The prices are really reasonable ranging from £10.55 – £15.55 depending on what items you choose. Plus the readers of my blog can get and extra 15% discount if they order before the 28th December 2014 using the discount code BIJOUS15OFF.

Which is great if you want a little present for a friend, family member or your wife. I would recommend this line of jewellery. its one of a kind and beautifully made that makes the wearer feel just as unique and stunning.

They also have groups on social media and you would be able to find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

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Dog On Stilts – Book Review

Books have always been a major passion of mine. (when I have the time to read)
I love nothing more then getting lost in a good book. So reading is something I really try to get my children into.
We take regular trip to library and I try to buy at least 1 new book at birthdays and Christmas.

That’s why when I saw the opportunity to review a new book. I jumped at the chance. I was even more thrilled to find out my family and I had been given the chance to read Dog On Stilts by James Thorp & Angus Mackinnon aka The Superhairies.

They also wrote The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race.

Within a few days I received a beautifully cloth bound, hardback book that was full of amazing pictures and colours. I was surprised because the style and colours in the book aren’t what you except to see in a children’s book. But I think there all part of what makes this book so great.

IMG_1389.JPGIt’s a different style and take on a familiar sentiment.

“Our true friends love us just the way we are”

The story is about Medium Dog, who thinks that he is too ordinary to fit in with all the other dogs, because they were all far more interesting then him.
So he comes up with a plan to help himself stand. By making himself stilts, so he stood taller then them all. Until he came down to the world with a bump and realised he was interesting enough for his friends to love.

IMG_1391.JPG The way they got this message across was great. T and P engaged with the book straight away and knew what the meaning in the story was. E loved all the illustrations and the way the book had to be turned to the portrait angle to follow along with the story. They all loved the way the story flowed and rhymed. Even Baby gave a giggled and clapped along, specially to the Dog On Stilts – The Musical.

This book is a great idea for a Christmas present for the children any family because it is fun, colourful and puts across the great message to be yourself and people will love you. It can be found in most book store for the price of £10.99. It is published by Digital leaf.

We all really enjoyed this book and were so happy to be given the chance to read it and review it. I personally look forward to any future books this pair come up with.

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the book to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.

The Giggles Family
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Our #AngelDelightMoments Challenge

This post is an entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge


With this challenge I wasn’t that excited because I am not a big lover of Angel Delight. Never really have been but every other member of my family love the stuff and where super excited about the bubblegum flavour.

I decided that I would surprise my kids and big kid, by having some angel delight ready for when they got home from school and work.
So my little helper E and I had a go at making it.


I filled a bowl with 330ml or half a pint of milk, opened the packet and let E do rest of work.

She really enjoyed been able to make it herself with very little help from me.

So while she was whisking. I got the little fishes and sliced up some strawberries to have on top of the angel delight.

Once it was all whisked, I poured it into the bowls to set got 5 minutes before I topped it with the sliced strawberries.


The kids loved it and my big kid let me have a little taste of his.
I’m still not a lover but I will say you can smell the bubblegum flavouring from the moment you open the packaging.
The taste isn’t too over powering though and brought back many memories of my childhood chewing bubblegum in playground.

I have already been ordered to buy more because they want me to make the bubblegum milkshakes that it shows on the back of the packet.


So there is our #angeldelightmoments, what was yours?

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item.

EUREKA! Spooky half term Halloween fun

I have been super giddy and excited for half term this year because it meant I could plan loads of fun family Halloween activity to do 🙂

I was even more excited when I realised that Eureka | The National Childrens Museum were putting on a hubble, bubble, toil and trouble event on over the half term 25th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014.

It was prefect for keeping my little ones busy and in the mood for Halloween fun.

The museum is in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Which for us is a bus ride away, as we live on boarder of Leeds and Bradford.
We set off for the bus shortly after lunch and arrived in Halifax by 1pm. Which meant we would have loads of time in museum because they have changed to opening hours from 10am – 4pm until 10am – 6pm.
Because we had decided to go on a Sunday it was only open until 5pm, plenty of time to explore.

We have been to Eureka before but we hadn’t been in over 2 years. So it was nice to see what aspects had changed and what things had stayed the same.

On walking up to the museum there is a large marque with tables and chairs in side for people wanting to have a picnic outside, plus picnic table further ahead. There is a music garden in which the kids can explore and learn about all the different sounds created by unexpected things, plus a large sand pit. That even on a chilly autumn day beckoned the children to play, dig and have fun.

It was great watching my kids faces light up with delight. Specially E because this is the first time she has been since she was a baby.

So for her this was all new and she was finally able to explore better then she had when she was younger.

As you walk through the door of the museum there is a queuing system leading to the ticket desk.
The prices are really reasonable at £11.95 for adults and children over 3, £4.95 for children aged 1-2 years old and under 1’s are free.
When you pay these prices though you go in to the museum and there is a desk that you take your receipt and they will give you a 1 year free entry Annual pass at no extra charge.
Also if your a MaxCard holder like me, you and your family get in for free once you show your card.

They gave everyone a dinosaur stamp on their hands (incase you leave and then want to regain entry) and then we went in to explore.

When we got inside we were directed to a notice bored that told you all the different little events they had going on and the times that day.

One of the staff very cleverly advised me to take a picture on my phone so I always had the info with. (as by that point my kids were all running off wanting to explore)

They loved town square that has everything in it built to kids size. T particularly enjoyed it in the bank playing on the cash machine making fake money with stamps on paper to spend in the supermarket. (if only it was that easy to make real money).


The kids loved it there was a Bank, M&S supermarket, Garage, Post office and even a house with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for them to explore, and everything had been designed for there height and fun.

As you walked round though there where signs explaining how things worked and the science behind solar energy and a toilet flushing etc
The hard part was trying to get them to stay still long enough to read the facts.

There were also sections about the different types of environment, the animals that live there and where stuff like bread, milk, apples and eggs come from.
The whole museum is interactive and there are games to play, sensations to experience and igloos to build 🙂


On the second floor is more stuff about the different environments and animals that inhabit them. There is also a few sections for under 5’s only so they can have fun while the older kids explore.
We wanted to let E and baby have a play in the desert discovery but it’s was completely packed full of parents and children all wanting to play in such a small space that it became very difficult to move around with 2 little ones. So we moved on but not until we watch some spooky dancing in the town sq at 2pm.

IMG_1369.JPG It was a right laugh watching the kids learn the time warp and monster mash.

We enjoyed the little show and then went to my personal favourite section of the whole museum All About Me section. I love this area because it teaches the kids about their bodies and how everyone is different because some are tall, can reach far, jump high or look different. They even had a passport in which they filled in as they walk around testing how far they could step or how tall they were. Unfortunately all the pencils that were at the side of the exhibits were broken, so we couldn’t write down the results.

I loved explaining to my kids how everything in the body’s worked and them being able to see how a baby grows inside it mummy’s belly or how your bones, ears, eyes, nose and taste buds work.
It was great fun and I loved all the new equipment had been updated since the last time we had been.

After a very enjoyable learning experience we made a quick pit stop for bathroom breaks. The toilets were clean and very noticeable. They even had a room for nursing mothers if they choose to use it.

We then made our way back downstairs and went into the enchanted forest. So the kids could dress up, meet some witches, ghost and ghouls plus colour in a mask or listen to the Halloween story.
The staff were dressed up and looked great. They were all so helpful getting the boys into the ghost busters outfits. The ghost even joined in running around the room while T and P tried to capture him.
E didn’t dress up because the witches costume she wanted to wear had been taken by another little girl first, but she was happy to play with a witches broom an watch the boys have fun.

It very much got me into the Halloween spirit and started off our Halloween half term right

I would defiantly recommend Eureka to all my friends and anyone planning a visit.
The staff are great, really helpful, kind and polite.
The price is reasonable (specially with the year long annual pass)
Events, exhibits and activities are great fun, that really draw kids in.
Is very pram/wheel chair friendly with great amenities.

Unfortunately it gets really busy and some areas get crowded quickly and easily.
The pencils at the exhibits were broken and hadn’t been replace or spare. Meaning we couldn’t take part in that bit of recording fun.
And E was upset at first about the costume until she found the broom.

All in all though the day was great fun and the kids were tired when we got home. (as were we!)

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review these are my honest opinion of the place and it’s features.

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KangaWrap Review

This post is a review of the baby wrap from KangaWrap.

I was extremely thrilled when I received my email about reviewing this item.
I have always loved the idea of slings and wraps for carrying my children.
Although it wasn’t until Baby was born that I really looked into it an gave it a go. I was instantly hooked!

So after joining a sling library near me I was able to try out and get a feel for what slings and wraps worked for me.

I have always been more drawn to wraps instead of other slings because they are simple and don’t have loads of straps or buckles that you have to fiddle and work out before you put your baby in.

That’s one of reasons why I was over the moon when it arrived days later.

I opened the package to find a soft black bag that contained my wrap and is information leaflet.
I was impressed by how soft the material felt and how small and compact the bag was. I knew it would be easy to store and would fit nicely in my nappy bag for when I was out and about.
After I opened the bag I rolled out my wrap and was impressed at the size of it.
Being a bigger woman I was worried that the one size fits all wouldn’t apply to me and that the wrap would be too small. I was wrong and it fit really well 🙂 and was comfortable too.

Even with a wriggly little baby trying to get out or pushing you away.

The wrap it’s self is made from 100% organic cotton which makes it’s super soft and breathable. Which is good when it holds such previous bundles in it.
It is stretchy and is able to be used from birth the the aged of 3 or 15kg.
I tested this out by also wrapping my nearly 3 year old E to me.
Best of all it is machine washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low setting.


I was surprised at how easy it was to wrap her in. I was sure that carrying her even for a little while would do my back in.
Again I was wrong because it was really comfortable and easy. We even managed a trip to shops. (she did end up walking back home cause she wanted to eat her sweets and was scared mummy might steal them)

IMG_1171.JPG She actually did enjoy being wrapped to me though and would happily me do it again.

The instructions that where sent were easy to follow and even had pictures showing how to wrap the baby too you correctly .

It also came with loads of information and why and how the KangaWrap was created.
It is a fair trade product that was developed in parentnership with the midwives of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS trust and Trade4Life to help parents of sick and premature babies practise kangaroo care.

Kangaroo care is where you carry or hold the baby too you with skin to skin. This has a beneficial effect on the babies by helping improve weight gain, breastfeeding, better temperature control as while as helping parents bond with their babies.

I remember being told all about kangaroo care when Baby was first born and ended up having a 2 week stay in neonatal.

We had loads of fun using this product and I will defiantly be using it again in the future. Because the wrap is super useful and give me chance to have my hand free most of time.

IMG_3618.JPGThe only real problems I had were anything to do with the wrap it’s self just that Baby had decided she doesn’t want to bed carried and would wriggle about, push off me or try to throw herself backwards.

The wrap prevented her from falling or getting lose and my hands always instinctively went up to secure her back when I felt her wriggling about like this but it was a very unsettling when we were out walking around sometime because she just wouldn’t settle at first.
She eventually settled down and learned to love the wrap and even fell asleep a few times.

Which was really nice because I loved the feeling of holding her close to me while she slept but I was still able to get on with my day and what I needed to do.

We used the wrap to go shopping, while I did some cleaning and even to playgroup. All the other mums sat watching as I got the wrap ready to put Baby inside on way home and asked me loads of questions. It is a great conversation starter.

So over all we did really enjoy the product and will defiantly use it again with both my girls. I just might have to wait until Baby grows out of the throwing herself back stage but E was happy to be carried in it. So it will take pride of place in my nappy bag from now on. That way it’s there when I need it.

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

Pampers active fit #BritainsDriestNappy trial

This post is an entry for #BritainsDriestNappy trial sponsored by Pampers. Learn more at

Being a mother to 4 kids. I have done my fair share of nappy changing in the past 10 years and I have tried many different brands of nappies too.
Each and every time though I have come back to Pampers, mainly because I found they suited my family the best.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to take part in the Pampers #BritiansDriestNappy trial. I wanted to see if pampers really were #BritainsDriestNappy and to see if the test they did on the adverts was actually worked.

The day that my package arrived I opened it to read what I had to do for the test.
I needed:

1 Pampers Active Fit Nappy
1 baby cup/bottle/measuring cup
150ml of water (it is equal 2-3 baby pees)
Tissue/toilet or kitchen roll
Stop watch

I got everything together and follow the instructions I was given to pour the water into nappy. once I had poured it all start the stop watch and for it to reach 1minute 30seconds.
(my stop watch reached 1minute 31seconds due to my audience that kept asking me “What I was doing?” And “Why?”)

By this point the water had all been absorbed and the nappy had swelled to almost double in size but didn’t look like it was fit to burst and could easily hold more water.

It was then that I took the piece of tissue and placed it in the bowl it had created. (to simulate how it fits around a baby’s bottom plus it kept the water in the nappy and not on my table)
I added a quite a lot of pressure to the tissue and was shocked to find there wasn’t much wetness on the tissue when I lifted it up.
Wanting to take a closer look and feel. I inspected the nappy by feeling it and was surprised by how dry the nappy was and felt.
It helped dispelled some of my mummy guilt about leaving my little miss in a nappy over night and not waking to change her unless she cries or poos.
I always knew that pampers nappies could hold a lot of fluid and promised to give you 8-12 hours of dryness.
I always felt bad and slightly guilt ridden. That once my little ones were sleeping through the night, they would be sleeping in wet nappy and it couldn’t be nice, especially in winter when it’s cold.
But this nappy had changed it for me and I was really surprised it was really dry enough I had poured in 150mls of water.

It had something to do with the micro pearls that soak up all the water and expanded drawing the moist deeper into nappy and way from babies skin.

Obviously once my older children saw me playing with water and nappies, they were intrigued and asked to have a go.
I didn’t see the harm in letting them share a nappy to try the testing. They worked well together and took turns doing different parts of the test. Which was fun to watch.

IMG_1258.JPG They really enjoyed taking part and were amazed by how dry inside felt after they had poured in the water.
It was funny watching how eager they were to do there parts. They all especially loved cutting it in half and taking a look at the micro pearls.

It was a bit of fun that we got to do as a family and the kids though it was like a science experiment. (which it kind of was)

See I don’t normally buy Active Fit just because they are slightly more expensive then the other types of Pampers nappies but I am starting to reconsider this. Mainly due to how well they stayed on my little contortionist of a daughter.
See she has low muscle tone (hypotonia) which makes her highly flexible (hyper mobile) this is common is children with Down’s syndrome and at the age of 11months old my daughter can already do the splits and wrap her feet almost around her head. Anyone who has seen her know her legs go everywhere and her nappy isn’t always able to cope with the weird an wonderful shapes she puts herself into.

However Pamper Active fit stayed snuggly to her contours as she wriggled and shuffled about. (this did make trying to get a good picture of her in her nappy difficult but I managed to get a few)

It’s safe to say she likes them too

In the future I will be more inclined to buy Pampers Active Fit for these 3 reasons:

1. How quickly it absorbed the water and how dry the nappy felt was truly amazing.

2. They fit well and are able to put up with the shapes make daughter twists her self into


3. The fact that they have been designed to keep moisture away from baby’s skin and helps with my mummy guilt.

Here to drier, guilt free nights ahead 🙂

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

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A Fun day out.

With the weather being so great this weekend I wanted to get out and do loads with the kids. Unfortunately my bank balance hasn’t been to happy with my ideas because we have our holiday coming up soon and I have driving lessons to pay for!

Luckily though there are some great things you can do on a low budget and you can still manage to have a great day out with kids.

Saturday morning after the boys swimming lessons I was debating going to the library and then on to National Media Museum because it is free entry and is a day out with the boy. (we already had bus passes from the swimming lessons) so that wasn’t a problem.
So as I was starting to get ready I got a phone call from a friend asking if we fancied going out “because it was too beautiful to be stuck in doors.” I explained my bank balance problems and we decided to walk from our area to the Bradford Industrial Museum

because it is also free entry and there is a lovely big park just around the corner.
We decided with weather being so lovely and the fact that there was no direct bus to museum and there had been road closures due to Tour De France coming thought Yorkshire. That we would be better walking to 2 miles there and back (luckily it’s fairly level). We made a quick stop off at Morrisons (it was on the way) to buy some nibbles for a little picnic and in no time at all we were there.

Once we arrived at the museum we decide that we would eat our picnic first and then go have a look round and explore. We sat on the wall at the front gate by some cannons because there way a great grassy area that the kids could run around (even though they had walked that far they still had energy to burn). There is a picnic area with picnic tables and a indoor cafe area, for when the weather isn’t as nice, but we chose this spot because the kids enjoyed climbing on the cannons, spinning round on the grass and there was a little black structure that they kept running through and posing under (great photo opportunities)


It was at this point that we had our first problem. The cobbles in the street didn’t agree with my pram to much and one of the wheels came off!


I don’t know how many people have had that happen to them but when your 2 miles from home with no money, no car with a baby, toddler and 2 older kids. Let’s just say I was so glad I wasn’t on my own when it happened because I would have probably of cried.
My friends held Baby while I took a look at wheel and luckily if was fixable.
After that disaster was averted and I had managed to clean myself up (I had been knelt on floor arguing with the wheels) and pulled myself together. We carried on with our trip.

There was loads to see and the kids really enjoyed looking at all the different things inside the different buildings.


They have house set out like how they would of been when the workers lived there that also show how they changed over the decades from before, during and after WWII. (I didn’t get many picture because it wasn’t very pram friendly) We went round the old stables and the manor house (also not pram friendly as they are not allowed, neither are food, drinks, umbrellas or Large bags). They even had load of old fire engines! Carts and horse buggies. In the main building is the old mill. The machines in the mill are great and most are still in full working order. They sometime have the machine going, so you get a feel of what the mill was like in it’s hay day. When you have finished going through the ground floor mill there is a doorway that leads to a garage full of cars, old street signs and a massive train.

20140706-223257-81177495.jpg (All this area is all ramps and very pram friendly) leading on from there is the printing section which is full of the old printing presses they have used through out history. There is even a store front, post box and a print table with stamps, paper and ink for the kids to have a go.

20140706-223933-81573585.jpgJoining on to that is a room filled with an old bus and a tram you can look at and explore through windows.

There is a lift to go up to the second floor and a member of staff will take you up in it. (it is an old lift. I believe it’s the original on from when they mill was operational that has noisy sliding grate doors). Some of the kids were slightly worried at first while others thought it was cool.
On the second floor is more machines that are also still in working order. (I don’t recommend going if you have a head ache or don’t like loud noises) The machine upstairs are the one they use in the old wool mill. That clean, comb and spin the wool on to spindles.

As I walk though I am reminded that once upon a time my own mum worked in the mill before it closed down and there are picture hung on the walls of people throughout history who worked there.

In the next section there are some benches and more machine. This time though they have child size figures stood next to the machines. On the walls are stories, facts, pictures and reports of when children use to work in the mill in the 1900. (the first time I brought T and P here I emphasised how easy their life is now to what it would of been then. I don’t think it works cause during a meltdown I’m still the worse mum ever and their life is terrible).
We didn’t look around this bit much though because by the benches there were some lovely ladies who were demonstrating spinning wool and weaving on a loom.

They showed the kids and even let them have a go. T loved it, were as P was diving in head first and kept nearly breaking stuff.

E and the other littles played with a toy box full of teddies an blocks 🙂 by the time we had finished with the demonstration it was 4pm and time for the museum to close. We had been there over 2 hours and the time had just flown by and we still didn’t get chance to see everything.

Unfortunately because it was closing time the gift shop had closed because they have some really nice stuff and at reasonable prices. P was very upset by this but a staff member quelled his whimpers with a free Tour de France book mark.
We left an again went back on to the lovely cobbled road. I went as slowly as I could praying my wheel wouldn’t break again.
Luck wasn’t on my side because as we came out of the ground my wheel came off again.


Once I got the wheel back on I decided I wasn’t going to add extra pressure on to it by let E rude the buggy board. Luckily my friend had been lent a wrap to try and she had it with her. So with attempted to strap a tired E to my back.

(It has to be noted we had never wrapped a child to any of our backs before. I think we did well)
The walk home was long and we did make a short stop in the park but I was packed. So we sat in the shade a while and had a few left over nibbles (the kids ran around on the grass and played football) before I strapped E on to my back again and we carried on.
We finally made it back for just and I had to start on tea.

The kids loved it. As you walk round there are donation boxes for you to give money if you choose to. All the money goes to help pay for the running of the museum.

The museum was great fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone. You can’t complain when it has son much to offer and see. All for the great price of nothing. Unless you decide to donate money. (I gave what change I had in my purse!) during the holidays and summer they have events on it truly is a great museum and a fun day out (even with the wheel disasters) My wheel did managed to hold out until I got home and is fixed now. I honestly believe it would of been fine if it haven’t of been for the cobbled streets that was the only downside really.

So if your looking for anything to do with your kids on a budget this summer. Check out this museum. You won’t regret it.

Nikki ❤

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What’s the story

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country kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Finding deals and items on sale.

Today has been a fun and relaxing day. I have had a day of shopping and I enjoyed it because I found some lovely stuff at not too bad prices.

I already had plans for what I wanted to buy today but when my mum and I drove into the asda car park we noticed a big red sign saying

1/2 price sale at George

It’s safe to say we both became a little excited 🙂 we heading in an went straight for the sale rails. Within seconds E had spotted her favourite cartoon show Doc Mcstuffins and I saw a reasonable price tag of £3 pre tshirt.
The down side was that it wasn’t in her size and there was only size 1-11/2 years left.
(Luckily we live in between 2 asda’s that are similar distances apart and I talked my mum into taking me to other to see if they had some there.)

We continued shopping and we both managed to find some great deals.


I also brought a mama and papa snug seat to help Ivy with sitting up and it was £30 in asda baby event. It was only the red one in the event thought and not the lovely raspberry colour one which we found. We realised this when we went through the till and it came up at £37. We changed it and wasn’t too disheartened because red is a unisex colour and it still looked nice.

We then moved on to next asda where we found even more deal and where actually rather cheeky.
As soon as we parked up I was out and made a mad dash to start routing through the sales rails again and I struck gold. I found 2 Doc Mcstuffins tshirts £3 each in sizes 2-3 years and 3-4 years (so she can grow into them), a lovely dress at £4 aged 3-4 years and leggings at £3.50, 2-3 years.


All I can say is I have a very happy E and a very happy mummy


My biggest and cheekiest find was the same red mama and papa’s snug seat but it was priced at £20. So I returned my previously brought snug seat for a full refund of £30 (I still had the receipt from the pervious asda on me) to the second asda and then brought the snug seat from there saving myself £10. (super happy mummy)


Ivy loves it 🙂

My other happy moment and great find was this lovely cup which a mother on a Down syndrome support group mentioned and although it is aged for 12months+ I have found Ivy is able to drink well from it 🙂 and it only cost £1.79.


Today has been a good day. I even managed to find myself and my boys a few things but they weren’t on sale or super finds 🙂

Hope you all had a good day x

Nikki ❤