The many mistakes by me

Life is full of mistakes. (no body is prefect)
Everyone has made mistakes at some point or another. Granted some people make mistakes more often then others.

There are so many different types of mistakes that people can make like a bad hair style (13 bleach blonde and with a perm, Yikes!), that bad outfit (nearly the whole of my preteen years) or something as simple as not looking where you are going (and walking into a lamppost!)

These are all silly simple mistake that most people have done at one point or another. But the thing you have to think about is if you hadn’t of done that mistake or taken that risk. Would you still be who you are today?

There are also mistakes that at the time seem massive, huge or “let the world swallow me now” worthy but actually turn out to be the best thing to ever happen.

For me that was the night I walking down road not watch where I was going and walked right into a bench! Yes a bench.
I wanted to die at that moment of embarrassment because my friends and hubby (not at the time) were walking behind me.
But if you ask my hubby when was the moment he noticed or fell in love with me. He will say when I walked into the bench. (with a few other innuendos)

I know I have made my fair share in my life time and I’ll make loads more in the future. It’s just a part of life.

But we should learn from the bad mistakes and enjoy the great!

Nikki ❤

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Highlights of childhood

I am writing this post to take part in The Prompt that the lovely Sara @mumturnedmom does every week.

This weeks prompt is a good one and a quote

“The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.” – Garrison Keillor

once I found out about this prompt I got really excited because I loved my childhood, I love watching my children enjoy their childhood and it got me thinking about all the amazing stuff a great childhood is made.

The long hot summer days
As we learn to find are way.

The fun and adventure of hide an seek in the park
But we must be home before it gets dark.

A life full of laughter, love and praise
These are the thing on which we are raised.

Hardly any worries or tears
Even with are silly fears.

We call for are mothers,
Or our fathers, sisters, brothers.

They are our heros that keep us safe
The monsters, away they chase.

The smallest thing we hold dear
They become so precious we always want them near.

It’s an amazing time of magic, of wonder and of play
My memories of childhood I carry with me to this day.

Nikki ❤

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I am going to use this post to be part of both The Prompt and word of the week.

I didn’t plan to be able to combine both Linky’s into one post but this week has been challenging for me because but not for all negative reasons.

I’ll start with the negative first though because I like ending on a positive note.

This week started just like any other except all the kids have been bored, irritated and pushing each other’s buttons. It has been almost constant bickering that I have tried ever so hard to prevent and split up with activities. I have tried colouring, baking, board games and I even received the change for life 10 minute shake it up Disney cards. I let them all choose one card each to do and set up that game in the garden. They did make friends and play nicely (for like 5 minutes) before they were bickering again.
I have found it so difficult thought because my hubby has been working a horrid shift were I have had the kids most of the time and I’m tired.

At start of the week Baby started being very fussy and was covered in a rash from head to foot. Fearing it was chicken pox or something spreadable I refused to leave the house until we had seen a doctor because what of we came in contact with a pregnant woman. By Wednesday I finally got her an appointment to be seen (which wasn’t much help). The doctor had been having that trouble some morning so he was running late (by an hour) so I was sat in the waiting room with a tried and agitated Baby (never a good mix). All she did was scream, shout, pull my hair and claw at my face. To say the least I was very stressed my self by time I saw the doctor who couldn’t give me a proper diagnosis because he thought it was either a viral rash or an allergic reaction. She was give some antihistamine and sent on our way. By that point it had started to rain too and we had walked to the doctors. So it was safe to say I got very wet and once I got home it was my hubby’s turn to go to work.

Later on that night I decided to make a lovely roast pork dinner with crackling for me and kids (it was a big mistake). The food was lovely but I unfortunately broke a wisdom tooth when eating some of the crackling. The next morning phone my dentist and booked and appointment but it’s not for over a week because by that point my tooth didn’t hurt. By that night though the twinging pain had started, so rest of the week i have been in pain and trying the entertain the kids best I can but it’s not easy with it raining plus I’m not feeling like my usual self.

I am hoping today to be able to move past the pain (painkillers but I’m only allowed certain ones while breastfeeding and cold compresses) and go out to do something with kids.

There have been some positive challenges this week because I have been part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge. Where I have to blog every day to prompts that Emma made up and we link up on her blog. I am on Day 9 at moment so far and I have really enjoyed doing it. It has taken me out of my little blogging comfort zone.

Anyway that’s my week. The bad, the good and the painful.

Nikki ❤

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The Prompt



I am joining up with this weeks #theprompt on the subject of beauty.

When ever I think of beauty the first things to pop into my mind is:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

“Beauty is not in the face;
Beauty is a light in the heart” – Khalil Gibran

These are quotes that I use to say to myself regularly. To remind myself that Beauty isn’t always about how you look but about what’s on the inside and that what one person think is ugly another thinks is Beautiful.

Growing up I was always bullied. I was the fat kid or the ugly kid.
Throughout upper school I was constantly teased and ridiculed. Been constantly told I would never find a boyfriend or someone to love because of how ugly I was. It left me feeling alone, unwanted and with seriously low self esteem.
So by the time I was old enough to start dating, I was a walking target that fell for the first boy who told me I was pretty (total disaster). I thought to myself that if he thought I was beautiful that the rest of the world would. (no it didn’t turn out that way)

Luckily from that relationship, I got a piece of true beauty. I got T.

It was after that relationship ended that I finally started to feel right in my own skin. Then when fell pregnant with P and I was a single mum and going through pregnancy all on my own that I finally found my strength within. It was then that people started to comment about how pretty I was looking. It was amazing that once I learnt to love things about myself that it started to show on the outside.
It was then that I finally managed to meet a nice guy that thought I was truly beautiful and loved me for me (lumps, bumps and all)

Then when E was born and I started dreaming about her future, was when I started to remember how cruel young and teenage girls can be. I swore to myself there and then, that I would teach my daughter to grow up not worrying about what was on the outside but that it was on the inside that counts. That you have to love yourself and be a good person in life to be truly beautiful.

When Baby came along that became more important to me. I feared about how people would react when they saw her and if people would always just to see her as a Down’s syndrome baby. I didn’t wanted that I wanted them to see her as the amazing, smart, and beautiful child that she is. Who just happens to have an extra chromosome.
So far I have been so lucky and everyone has accepted her and they see how amazing she is.

What I am trying to get at is that I want my kids and family to grow up knowing that beauty isn’t just what you look like. People can be beautiful or handsome on the outside but ugly and evil at the core. And that they should grow up being the best people they can be and not just worry about how they look and what other people think about them.

Because to me they will always be the best bit of Beauty in my world.

Nikki ❤


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I believe in magic

This post is to take part in The Prompt that’s tun by the lovely Sara @mumturnedmom.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”- Roland Dahl

This quote got me thinking about my belief in magic.

Because I do believe in magic!

I’m not saying I run around in a fairy tutu with a wand, sprinkling dust or that I believe that if you wish hard enough on a star it will come true. (the tutu only comes out on special occasions :D)

But I guess being a mother I have to have belief in magic for my children sake. Like at Christmas time or when the tooth fairy needs to come or on their birthdays. I dip in to my mummy magic and try my best to make it special. Just so I can see the twinkle in their eyes and the smile spread across their faces, when they come down stair to see Santa has been or look under their pillows to find the £1 coin the tooth fairy has left.

To me Christmas is the most magical time of year. I love the run up to it and letting the magic flow through my house. It start when I get out the decorations and hang them with the children, we bake, play games and laugh. The kids choose their presents and we write our letters to Santa. We will sing Christmas carols, drink hot coco with marshmallows and we read the night before Christmas.
If it snows I have to build a snowman and enjoy the little white flakes that fall to the ground. I love playing in the freshly fallen snow because watching it always fills me with a giddy excitement and makes me feel like a child again. I love how the air always smells crisper and everything looks clean and new in this magical winter wonderland 🙂

For me though life has to be full of magic because that what your children are made of love and magic sent just to you to as a gift to look after and bring you joy and happiness.

Their childhood is a time for dreams, love and innocence and being a mummy it’s is my job to make sure that last as long as it can.

So yes I believe in magic!

Nikki ❤


TV: could you live without it?

“TV is very addictive, isn’t it mum?”

This is the question T asked me this morning and it got me thinking about this weeks The Prompt.

The questions for the prompt was:

TV: could you live without it?

In answer to T and his question. Yes TV can be very addictive and it is very easy to get caught up and lost in our favourite TV series.
I know I have a particular soft spot for Hollyoaks, Glee, Nashville, Bones and Big Bang Theory.
I have every show, series linked on to my sky box for the rare time that all my kids are asleep in bed and I actually have time to indulge myself.

I can honestly tell you that I barely get chance to watch my TV though. This is because I tend to have Disney Jr
on through out the day, mixed up with films and DVDs.
It’s not that we sit and constantly watch TV.
Most of time it is just back ground noise to the kids playing, drawing or arguing.

See being a mum to my tribe of kids, I am so use to loads of noise that I actually find silence deafening.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I am one of those mums that plonks her kids in front of their favourite TV show or puts on their favourite DVD so that I can get the cleaning done or just have 5 minutes to drink my cup of coffee while it’s hot. I do try my hardest to give my kids screen free time with days out, time in garden and trips to library. But when the weather is crap or during the winter months my TV is a major necessity because it keeps peace in my house and my kids happy!
I try to make it fun with movie nights, sky box offices and popcorn. I find It’s a great way to spend family time together.

So yeah I use my TV for a few things, like:

– A baby sitter while I go to the loo or quickly tidy round
– To help me switch off and just forget about the world around me when I have one of those days (once the kids are in bed of course)
– I also use my TV as a night light when my hubby works nights. (because at the age of 27 I am still scared of the dark. I just hit mute, curl up in bed and the light from the TV keep the shadows at bay)

So no I probably couldn’t live without TV even though to some people that would make me a bad person and a terrible mum, but I know I am with most of the population that let their kids watch TV to get peace and quite.

Nikki ❤


Rules are meant to be broken!

This post is for the linky “The Prompt”

Rules are meant to be broken is basically the way I lived my life before I fell pregnant with my son T at the of 16.

I was a young, silly teenager who thought she knew everything and that I didn’t have to answer to anyone. I got a great shock when reality and life caught up with me.

Although I didn’t actually do anything seriously wrong. I would act out and always do the opposite to what I was told to. I was a complete bitch to my mum (now, being a mum myself makes me think she needs a medal for all she put up with). I would scream, I would shout and I would basically blame her for everything that went wrong in my life (kind of like T has started doing with me now).


I had always been a difficult child. Spoilt some would say but my major rebellious stage started when I was 14. I would lie to my parents telling them I was stopping at friends or going to stay with my older sister but instead would go out drinking regularly with friends that were a lot older then me. I was never one for walking the streets or hanging out in parks getting drunk or causing petty vandalism. I was going out to night clubs, pubs and house parties.
I started listen to new mental and rock music, my wardrobe mainly consisted of black clothing. My pants were baggy with the widest leg I could find and my tops didn’t leave much to the imagination. I would wear chains on my pants, dog collars and had piercing all up my ears. I was the nightmare that most fathers didn’t want their daughters to be.


My parents were never happy about the way I dressed or how I looked but they knew that even it they forbade me from wearing the clothes I wanted I would just do it anyway behind their back. They were all for letting me be who I wanted to be and basically hoped that I would figure it out eventually.
(which I did but it took me a long time and a baby to do it) I lived in my rebellious bubble that I could do what I wanted with out any consequences.

I was very wrong!

As you already know my bubble popped pretty quickly and reality came to slap me in the face.

I was 16 and pregnant!

(before it was a TV show)

At the time I thought my life was over and I had screwed everything up. I was totally and pleasantly surprised that I was wrong (again) because once T finally arrive and I held him in my arms I knew that he was prefect and he was why I need to sort my act out and pull myself together.

I’m not going to lie I did still make mistakes and I was still horrid to my mum but as T grew, so did I.
He taught me to stop being selfish and putting myself first. Because as a mother you can’t do that, the needs of your child should always come before yours.
I aimed to be a better person and a better mother. I wanted to give my son the best life I could.
I tell him regularly that he saved me from heading down a road that probably didn’t have a good ending and he saved me from myself. That having him gave me a reason to be and helped me become the person I wanted to be and that I am today and for that I am very thankful.

He also gave me a chance to realise that even though “rules are meant to be broken” they probably shouldn’t because rules are there for a reason!

Nikki ❤

Post Comment Love

My favourite smell….

If I really think about don’t have just 1 favourite smell, I have a few that all take me back to memories that i love to remember.

The smell of a Sunday roast cooking in the oven on a cold winters day. Reminds me of all those Sundays as a child when I would sit round table with my parents and sisters talking, laughing and being a family. (it’s something I try to do with my kids but they are too young to fully appreciate a proper family dinner)

The cheeky/sexy smell of my husbands aftershave reminds me of when we first me and started dating. When everything was new, exciting and we were falling in love.

The most unusual smell I love is the smell of petrol. Even as a child I use to love the smell of the petrol station and I use to beg my parents to let me go with them to fill up the car. At one point I even asked my parents what they thought it tasted like. (yes as a child I wanted to taste petrol) they quickly told me not to as it would make me very ill and put me in the hospital. (they left out the fact that it would kill me) But I was always intrigued by this smell of it and wondered why it’s smelt so good but you couldn’t taste it.

But my all time favourite smell would probably have to be the baby smell. When you sit cuddling your offspring drinking in their smell as you nuzzle their necks or kiss their fingers or sniff the tops of their heads. The scent of this little life that is so amazing as you hold it in your arms and fall into total and complete love! What could be better.

There are pro’s and con’s to smells though because the good ones never really last long enough and are easily overpowered by something less appealing. But it’s only takes the smallest linger of that one scent to send you back to a whole other time that you had probably forgotten.

Nikki ❤