My favourite smell….

If I really think about don’t have just 1 favourite smell, I have a few that all take me back to memories that i love to remember.

The smell of a Sunday roast cooking in the oven on a cold winters day. Reminds me of all those Sundays as a child when I would sit round table with my parents and sisters talking, laughing and being a family. (it’s something I try to do with my kids but they are too young to fully appreciate a proper family dinner)

The cheeky/sexy smell of my husbands aftershave reminds me of when we first me and started dating. When everything was new, exciting and we were falling in love.

The most unusual smell I love is the smell of petrol. Even as a child I use to love the smell of the petrol station and I use to beg my parents to let me go with them to fill up the car. At one point I even asked my parents what they thought it tasted like. (yes as a child I wanted to taste petrol) they quickly told me not to as it would make me very ill and put me in the hospital. (they left out the fact that it would kill me) But I was always intrigued by this smell of it and wondered why it’s smelt so good but you couldn’t taste it.

But my all time favourite smell would probably have to be the baby smell. When you sit cuddling your offspring drinking in their smell as you nuzzle their necks or kiss their fingers or sniff the tops of their heads. The scent of this little life that is so amazing as you hold it in your arms and fall into total and complete love! What could be better.

There are pro’s and con’s to smells though because the good ones never really last long enough and are easily overpowered by something less appealing. But it’s only takes the smallest linger of that one scent to send you back to a whole other time that you had probably forgotten.

Nikki ❤