Feeling deflated! 

For the past couple of days I have been finding it hard to be my normal, bubbly, excited and happy self. 

No matter what I try to do to perk myself up I just feel run down, unhappy and beaten by life.

It’s like this gloomy cloud that is just hanging over me and the little things that don’t bother me normally or I can usually brush off and forget about are actually starting to bother and get to me.

For example yesterday as I was watching Baby and her sister playing happily in the park together.


Baby was thrilled to finally be getting the chance to try something other then the swings. she was truly loving the freedom. 

As I watched them play I started thinking about how often we are going to be able to go to park now the weather is nicer and about when I use to take E when she was Baby’s age and watch her run around and climb the climbing frame and go down the slide. Then I started to think about how long it’s going to be before Baby will be able to do that.

It was then my chest started to tighten and my heart ached because I finally noticed and realised that Baby wasn’t walking yet. All of her little friends at playgroup are toddling and she has just started to master standing and a bit of cruising. 

At that moment I saw a family with a child younger then Baby and he was running in front of his parents into the park. I nearly broke down in tears right in the middle of the park because I finally starting to see her learning delays. 

I always knew it takes children with DS that little bit longer to learn new thing and they don’t just pick things up and Baby has been so amazing at learning things quickly and has been hitting all her milestones that I just never really noticed a difference between her and other children her age. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that first realisation can as a shock. It knocked me for six and it has had me worrying and brought back a load of fears and emotions I thought I had already dealt with. 

And it has left me feeling really deflated! 

Nikki x 

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Word of the Week – Excitment


As most of you can see my word for this week if rather self explaitory. I am excited, thrilled, elated, but not many people will actually know why. 

You see for me this week has been a real rollercoaster. It’s had its ups, it’s downs, it’s turns and it’s loop de loops. It has been a crazy week and not all of it has been good! But I’m not going to get into any of that because this week has also been the run up to something else for me and my family. 

This week, it is our second wedding anniversary. Hubby and I have been married 2 years on Sunday! I have been so excited that I have been counting down the days in my head just waiting for the weekend to come, because I knew the hubby had booked a long weekend off work and we could all be together has a family. I couldn’t wait!

On our actual anniversary day, itself we don’t really have anything special planned for us to celebrate. P has a friends birthday party to go to and the family has been invited to another party for a family friend. It’s great because the second party is really close by to where P’s friends party is and it starts a little bit later, meaning P can go to both.

So even though we won’t be on a nice romantic meal in a restaurant or doing anything for us through day, It won’t matter because we will be together.

 Plus that night the hubby and I have a “date night” 

Style meal planned for just us, once the kids are all in bed.

What more could I ask for really. 

There are also a few other plans for the beginning of the weekend but you will have to keep and eye out for future blog post to find them out or add me on some of my social media channels.

How has your week been? 

Nikki x

word of the week

The Reading Residence


This week my word is New. 

Mainly because I have been having to deal with the new update in the wordpress app. The change has thrown me a like and is taking a while to get use to but I think I am getting there.

Also if you haven’t noticed over the last week I have changed all my blog design and I have tried playing with things and added new stuff. I am actually really pleased with the way my blog is looking now and pleased with myself for sitting down and doing it with out getting to overly stressed.

My other new thing is the fact that I am going to my first properly blogging event in April because I got my ticket and booked my train to the Tots100 blog camp in Birmingham. I can’t wait and I even did a *Happy Dance* today. Much to my hubby’s dismay. 

(A happy dance consits of me jumping around squealing or giggling like a school girl, while I attempt to “bust some moves”)

As it is going to be my first blog event, it’s safe to say it’s going to be a new experience for me. One I am extremely excited for but also a little nervous and anxious about because I will finally be meeting the people behind their amazing blogs, that I have only ever talked to from behind my screen. I still can’t wait though and I hope April hurrys up because I’m extremely giddy!

So yeah there you go that is my word for the week 


What is yours?

Nikki x 

word of the week

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My week as been extremely annoying.
Not because of anything anyone has done but because I haven’t been able to hear properly for over a week now, due to a very annoying ear infection.

Soon as I lost the hearing in my right ear I knew what it was and I really didn’t want to have to go to doctors because I don’t ever have time and I’m now out of my 1 year free prescription exemption for maternity.
So I looked online and read the NHS direct website that states that an ear infection “should” clear up by its self within 3-5 days.
As always though this wasn’t the case for me and by day 4 the pain really started to take hold. Add that to the constant “pardons” I was saying as I could barely hear anything anyone was saying. I was very annoyed.

So after waiting patiently for a full 5 days I knew my ear infection wasn’t going anywhere and I would have to given in and call my doctors. Which is annoying in its self because it can take on average of a 100 calls to be able to get through to the reception and try to get an appointment on a morning.
That day was no different and once I managed to get through I was told there was no appointments left but I could get a doctor to call me later on in day.

This isn’t a very good option as I was barely able to hear to talk on the phone. I actually missed the first call from doctor because I didn’t hear my phone.

Luckily I noticed a miss called and got when I called back they agreed to have him call me again. When the doctor ring back and I was eventually able to speak to someone that was willing to listening to my symptoms properly. I was to seen at 5.30pm that evening.

You will never guess what the doctor said after she looked in my ear. Yep! You guessed it I had a middle ear infection and I would need antibiotics.

I left the doctors feeling really annoyed but I went and got my prescription and decided I would start the week course the next morning. That way I could enjoy a large glass of red wine and fall into bed. I was totally exhausted and was really really run down and exhausted.

I can now say after 2 days of taking antibiotics, my hearing hasn’t returned yet but my head doesn’t feel like it heavier on one side, my balance is returning to normal and I don’t feel as crappy as I was feeling. Which is good, but I can’t wait for my hearing to come back fully.

Then I can stop getting annoyed at not being able to hear anything and my family can stop getting annoy with my because they have to reset the same sentence 6 times before I hear them.

How has your week been?

Nikki x

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From the first snow flake that falls I am a massive child. I just totally adore Snow. It makes everything look clean, it makes the nights so much brighter and it makes even the most hideous places look like a magical wonderland because it hide the rubbish and junk under a nice thick blanket of snow.

But most importantly I love to go out into the snow and play with my kids. I love building snowmen, doing snow angels and having snowball fights.

So this year when it we got our first lot of snow the excitement started to build as I came up with loads of ideas for myself and kids to do. Unfortunately that excitement was very short lived when the snow didn’t settle or we didn’t get enough snow. But then the weather forecasted days of snow. I thought to myself “This is going to be the snow I can play out and finally build a snow man!” I was wrong and the snow was turning to slush almost as quick as it was settling.
I was disappointed and scared that we were going to have another year with no snowmen ⛄️.
Then last night it as the snow began to fall. I was filled with the same giddy excitement I am every time it snows. Almost as bad as a child on Christmas morning, jumping and dancing around. Just itching to open they’re present.


The fore cast was for nearly 24 hours of snow. I couldn’t believe it but I also tried my best not to get my hopes up too much in case it was wrong or it all turned to slush before I got up.

Again I was so very wrong and this morning I woke you to a magical winter wonderland in my garden that would give the movies a run for there money.

It was beautiful. My most favourite thing about when it snows is how fresh and crisp the air smells. It is like all the pollution is sucked out of the air and its is clean. (I know it isn’t but just for a little while everything seems clean)

Sadly this morning the schools were still open. So the kids couldn’t have a snow day 😔. I was a little gutted for them because snow days are them most amazing things ever for kids, but after having a few difficult nights with both E and Baby keeping me up all night. The kids going to school was welcomed as it meant I could have an hour to do nothing while Baby napped an rest were at school.
I made up for it when I went to pick E up from nursery, by taking the sledge.

I picked E up on here own and she loved me running through the snow as she screamed “faster” and “again”. Turn when she had enough of being pulled she took a turn at pulling her snowballs she was collecting to take home. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
Once we made it home I decide that before we wet in to get warm I would give Baby her first ride on the sledge. She loved it even if E nearly pushed her out of it at the end! (I caught her before she face planted in snow)

After we had finished sledging I let Baby have her first big of contact with snow and I let her crawl around and have some freedom while E and I built a snowman.

E loved every second of it and so did Baby. She only started getting fussy has we put the head on the snowman. The rest of the time did had sat and kick, touches and played with the snow. Soon as we got the head on I call time and said we would all take a break to get warm bad finish the snow man after. E was happy with this and we went in for lunch.

After we all had full bellies and were warm through. It was time for Baby’s nap. So while she snoozed E and I added the finishing touches to our snowman. It was still snowing, and it had already started to fill up the gap where we used the snow for the snowman.
The snow was so thick that the idea of trying to push a pram through it to do school run, was a no go. Thankfully my mum and dad were happy to walk up and collect the kids. They even picked up E and the sled to meet pick them up.


This was great because it meant I could chill out and relax for a bit. It also meant there would be enough snow to build snowmen with the boys and A when they got home from school.
The boys were eager to start building as soon as they got home, so we got right on with it. I helped P build his, While T wanted to do his all on his own and E danced about between the two.
I was amazed at how quickly we managed to get the snowmen up. Within a matter of minutes they were built and the kids were do happy with them. T’s took a little bit longer to build but he was adamant he could do his alone.
I must say he did a good job and we actually managed to get them all built and finished in 15 minutes. The bad side to this was because we were all done and inside before A came home. So the idea of going back outside in the cold wasn’t very appealing.


Luckily A was understanding and was happy to wait. Which also meant we had chance to let more snow settle. Just before we had our tea A and I went out into the garden and got to work with building a snowman. Again it took hardly any time at all.
By the time we had finished my garden was looking like something out of a Dr Who episode. We had 4 snowmen and if we really wanted to we could make more.


It really was a great day and it is one of the reason I love snow. But I know not everybody does and to some a snow day is the there idea of hell.
So where do you sit, do you love snow or hate it?

Nikki x



I love being out doors, but I also love curling up on my sofa in my PJ’s with my iPad, laptop, phone or watching TV.

But recently I have been trying my hardest to make sure I go outside and get fresh air. This is mainly because I went stir crazy over Christmas and New Year period being cooped up all time.
This being the case I have started forcing myself to go out even if it’s just for a walk by myself like going to the shop or out with kids to the park or on the school run. I have really been trying to get into the habit of going outside.
My kids have loved the change and it’s been great watching them have fun on their bikes, scooters and playing, like kids should.

My efforts have been helped along by the fact that I have joined in to the #SnapHappyBritmums challenge on Instagram for this month. Which has had a lot of outside/countryside/nature themes, so far.

I am on Day 15 today, which is Walking. So you can see how it’s helping to motivate me to go outside.

Plus I have been try to make sure I do my 10,000 steps a day with my Noom coach app on my phone.

I was just short on Monday which is a hit of a let down and yesterday I was out walking through day but it became too dangerous to go out and about once the snow started turning into ice.

Thankfully all the ice and snow has melted now, so I’m hoping to complete my steps today and for rest of week.

I can honestly say that I feel great for it though and I am loving being out in nature plus out of the house.

Unfortunately Baby has been struck down by a stomach bug and its probably going to spread through the family.

So please Wish me luck and I hope you all have fun getting out if the house too x

Nikki x


I was so excited on New Year’s Eve because I found out that Baby had finally started cutting her first tooth. That excitement was very short live though. Because her first tooth may have started to cut through but it’s doing it at an extremely slow rate and is causing her a whole loads of bother.

And as most of us parents know, once one tooth appears the second, third or fourth isn’t too far behind. This is turning into the case with Baby. While having a feel in her mouth I could feel the squarish shape of her first set of molars under the gum just bursting to cut through.

I hadn’t realised until recently how hard her gums had become but I can feel it now every time I nurse her. (Which is a lot at moment, as she is using it for comfort as well as a milk source)
It’s not like the change causes pain or that she even bites (YET! I keep getting told) but I can tell the difference in how she latches.

She seems to be constantly sport some lovely rosey red cheeks recently too.

Then there is the lovely waking in the night which has started again. Last night was the worst night in a long time. She woke up ever hour or so crying and wanting to nurse. She finally settled sometime after 12am-1am. The night turned into a bit if a blur of feeds, cuddles and crying by that then so I don’t know actual time. My hubby was great by this point though and he took Baby down stairs just so I could get some rest.

I really feel for my little miss though because she is in pain. The poor little mite randomly bursting into tears throughout the day, chomping on her toys, hand and even feet. I do wish I could take it all away.

Recently though I have been thinking of looking into different teething pain relief methods such as Amber beads and ice pacts. But I just don’t want to waste money if they don’t actually work.

Also this week we have had another teething related bit of excitement as P lost his first top tooth at front.

Here he is sporting his new gap in a gummy smile. He has been a little upset though because the tooth fairy hasn’t been able to come yet.
You see when his tooth feel out he kept playing with it afterwards and kept dropping it. So I took it off him and wrapping g it up in a nice parcel for him to leave under his pillow at bed time.
When he went to bed he chose not to listen to me and started playing with it again. He took it out of it parcel and ended up dropping it between the carpet and wall. It fell is a crack and although we can see the tooth we can’t get it out. I have told him that I will tell the tooth fairy to come soon as we are able to remove the tooth because otherwise he might try to trick out of more money.
He has seemed ok with that for now but I don’t see it working much longer, so I really hope we manage to get the tooth out of the gap or he forgets it’s there.

So that’s my week. How was yours?
And do you know any other teething remedies I could try?

Nikki x

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