This post is for the linky word of the week which I try to be apart of regularly.

My word this week is Hectic!


I have just being rush off my feet all week and have wished that I could split myself in 2 so I could do everything I needed to do.

It’s been so crazy with a hospital appointment for Baby. It was just a routine check up with her child development centre consultant to see how she is doing and majestic referrals if they are needed. She was weighed and measured. Her weight has gone up to 15lbs 13oz and she is trending along her 91st centile line in height. This helped take some of the stress off my mind because her weight had recently started to drop from the 50th centile to the 25th and although her health visitor didn’t seem worried, she knew I was seeing her consultant this week and they would check it too and go from there. Luckily they were happy with her and said she is dong great. Although she us extremely double jointed and flexible. Which they believed might hinder her with learning to sit, crawl and walk but they are sure she will do it soon.

On top of that I have been running around try to get my house cleaned an sorted (it looks the same even after all work I done). I wanted to get on top of the washing pile that just seems to multiply in the night and never seems to any smaller. It’s actually very irritating how quickly my house looks messing after I spent so long cleaning and sorting.

Then there is the stuff the boys have been getting up! P has just been constant with his nattering for food so much so I was called into school because he was lying about how much he has been eating. Also 2 days this week I have had a phone call off the headmistress for things T has been getting up to. I swear that boy waits until I have a busy week and decide he wants to act up. Then there are the meltdowns we have had tonight all because I ask both boys to clean their rooms which lead to T losing his rag and trashing the room and been left to clean it himself.

We did manage to have some family fun though this week. It was my hubby’s birthday on Thursday.

So kids and I tried to make it as special as we could 🙂



I will say though I’m glad this school week is over and The weekend is here. I can’t wait until summer holidays start. We have our holiday booked and I for one am in serious need of some time away.

Nikki ❤

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After last week, when the girls and I had all been struck down with illnesses. I was hoping this week would be better.


My lovely cold still hasn’t disappeared and has steadily got worse as this week has worn on. The sickness bug came back round to rear it’s ugly head again. It affected Baby this time though. The first time round it was really mild with her but this time it was like a scene out of the exorcist! All over my sofa and her dad.
So this week I have been looking after poorly children again, while trying to nurse myself back to health.

Then there is the fact Baby has now decided she doesn’t want to sleep through night anymore due to teething and she wriggles about so much on a night she moves off of her tommee tippee mat that’s attached to her monitor. So it goes off through night scaring me out if my sleep and to find her smiling up at me from the cot.

Cheeky little miss

Add that to the daily chores, play groups, activities, general life stuff and and spending time with the kids. I am totally and completely exhausted and can’t wait until I finally get a full night of unbroken sleep.

Nikki ❤

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This week hasn’t been much fun or that busy because we have been struck down with colds or bugs. So this week my word is sickness!


It started on Monday with E. She was being clingy and had a slight temperature, nothing calpol and mummy cuddles couldn’t handle.

I didn’t think anything of it until tea time when she refused to eat her tea and went to the toilet 8 times in 20minutes. In end we just put her in a nappy (I know great parenting) because she was getting really upset about having to go to loo so much. I did worry it would send her back a step with toilet training next day she was all good and going to toilet (even if it was more frequently). She was fine after a few days although she has developed a dry cough.

Next to be struck down was me and baby.

Luckily it wasn’t as rough for us and it passed rather quickly although I have been told my step daughter has been ill this weekend. It seems to be just the girls that are getting sick cause the boys and hubby have been fine.

Clearly with us being poorly and the house full of germs. We haven’t done much but hopefully will do over weekend (that’s another post).

We are all ok now even though E still has her cough, baby is snuffly and I have a sore throat but it’s nothing too bad and that won’t pass soon.

Nikki ❤

The Reading Residence


This is the word my step daughter A used to describe the days she has spent with us and my boys gave alternative such as great, fun, awesome, mad and splendid.

Here is why:

It’s been half term this week in our house and so far the weather hasn’t been that great. We all know how stressful and frustrating it is when it rains during the school holidays.
The kids get bored and fed up. While us mums are ready to pull our hairs out due to the constant nattering, bickering and questions (that all seems to be about the same thing or we have already answered for the 100th time!)

Luckily this week I got my ahead of myself and managed to check the weather on my iPhone app and plan activities accordingly.

Go Me!

Which is very unlike me. Organisation is not a strong suit of mine (although I do try).

So my task for this week was to come up with fun ideas to keep all the kids entertained but across age range 0-9years.

We just relaxed the first weekend cause the weather wasn’t too bad the older kids got to ride their bike and played in the garden.

Our half term fun started on Monday. Where we all split up into different groups. T went on a long bike ride through the woods with hubby and his friend, P went to my sister to play with my nephews and A, E, Ivy, grandma and I went to a sensory Leeds.


Tuesday was the only nice day we have had all week so far. So we woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (T and E helped) before the older 3, grandma and I went on an adventure to dinosaur discovery and the local garden centre.


They had great fun exploring, digging and finding out about dinosaurs. They had little dinosaur suit they could put on and pretend to be dinosaurs. The kids loved the dinosaur head you could move around and pretend to eat the wild life, shrubberies and grandma!

We then went home and baked some more.

We did a prepacked box of rockie road buns and some chewy smartie cookies with a recipe I got from Netmums.
The kids loved baking and the buns turned out great, the cookies not so much, they got slightly burnt. (mummy got a little distracted after the fun of the day and forgot about the cookies in the oven)

Wednesday it was raining so I made some homemade play dough and I let the kids have fun while I prepared an indoor picnic for us to have in the living room (since we couldn’t have one outside).

The kids loved it and this is a direct quote, said it was

“The best day ever!”

Even Ivy managed to join in and have a few bits to gum to death.

We finished off the day watching film and chilling out.

Thursday, I needed to get out of the house. So we all went to the local indoor play area Funsters where we go on a regular basis. Mainly because the kids needed to run around and blow off steam. I talked the kids into wearing their wellies to the play area, so that on the way home they could jump in puddles and have some simple childhood fun.

with a quick stop off at the park which was on our journey (we were already wet from the puddles, so why not?)
Clearly the kids burnt off any left over energy on the walk/play home. It was at this point that A came up with this brilliant word Magnificent and I loved it.
so when we got home we got changed and enjoyed sound hot chocolate to warm us through after all the wet fun.

I then let the older 3 play on the Wii, while E and Ivy played with their toys on floor.
(I somehow managed to get some housework done in this time of tranquility as they all played nicely and quietly. It was amazing)

That leads us to now. I have some plans for tomorrow but it depends what happens when we get up. That may be a future post.

This week has been great fun though even if it has been busy and I must say the word magnificent fits because the tribe have played nicely and got on well. We have managed to do so much and enjoy every second of the time we have had together. I am actually a little sad for it to be over in the next couple of days but will also be glad to get back into my normal routine.

What have you been upto?

Nikki ❤

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The Reading Residence


My word of the week is stumped.


I seem to have a pattern. I will blog and blog and blog but it will never be that brilliant and then one day a post will just come to me and it will be as if it will nearly type itself. At that point I will think I am finally getting the hang of this blogging stuff but the days or week that follows I will have a terrible case of writer block.

I will play and fiddle about with my iPad for ages typing and retyping posts that I think are good but then when it comes to reading it, I won’t like it and swiftly hit the delete all button. (which is quickly followed by regret)

It’s happened at least 3 times since I started my blog and recently was no exception.

On Sunday I wrote a lovely post involving my kids and a trip to park. It was so easy and I thought (again) that I was starting to finally get the hang of it and I would be able to write great, thought provoking blog posts about stuff I loved and actually cared about.

But everytime I tried the words would just evaporate from my mind and I would be left


With what to say. I would have loads I want to talk or type about but the actual putting it into words part just wouldn’t happen.

I am hoping with more time and a lot more practise that I can move past this. So that it doesn’t happen on a almost weekly basis because I love blogging and I love having somewhere that I can ramble and rant. I love being able to put my feelings and experiences somewhere. Most of all I love that fact that me and my kids will have something we can look back on and enjoy all the memories and fun times we had.

Nikki ❤