Baby’s 1st Birthday

On Saturday was a big day because it was Baby’s first birthday.
I was so nervous on the day because I wanted her first birthday to be great and full of happy memories.
That way we could move on and leave the unhappy memories of her birth and after wards behind us.

I had been planning what to do on to celebrate for a while. My mum an I had come up with a plan to have a little tea party at her house. The only problem was that she’d could only do it on the Sunday and was inviting family round.
So at start of last week I decided to have a “little” get together at my house on her actual birthday. Inviting all my friends and there kids.

It’s safe to say the “little” get to together turned into a big party with a bouncy castle.
As the weekend drew closer all my planning was in place and we spent the night before her birthday decorating the house with balloons, banners and built most of her big presents. So the were laid out for her to play with.


On Saturday morning (her birthday) my hubby had got up super early and took the boys to their swimming lessons and left me and girls in bed.

Baby didn’t sleep too much longer after he left and I was soon up and eager to run down stairs and open all her presents with her. (even if she was more interested in boxes and paper)


I loved seeing her playing with some of toys we got her but when her older brothers got home the kids soon pushed in wanting to play with the new toys.
We left them to play for a little while but soon removed all new toys because they wouldn’t stop arguing or let Baby have a go. I had planned to remove them before all other kids came for party anyway because I knew they would cause arguments about sharing.

The weather wasn’t the best in the morning as it kept raining and I was so worried the party would be a wash out. By 1pm though the sun was trying to break through clouds and the rain had mostly stopped. Then then bouncy castle arrived and I was shocked at how big it actually was.


I had booked an adult grade one because I knew I would want to have a go and most of my guests were big kids like me.

The party started at 4pm so my kids and I got a few hours of playing on it with out anyone else. Which was great fun even though I had to keep stopping so I could get the food ready.

Soon enough the party was in full swing and we all had great fun bouncing on bouncy castle, playing pin the tail on the donkey and of course singing happy birthday with the cake.


The party was a great success. Everyone had loads of fun and my house was completely packed.


But everyone had great fun. Specially the birthday girl 🙂


It’s hard to believe it has been a year an she is 1.

Nikki ❤