We went on a bear hunt!

After being inspired by the children’s new favourite book.  

I decided that this half term we would go on our own little bear hunt. This meant us going on a walk down into the wood near my house while reciting the story repeatedly and while I tried to snap as many picture as I could. Plus it meant I got to final test out the back sling I brought to carry Baby in.

The weather has been very bloody beautiful this week and has been a welcomed changed because it meant that our walk wouldn’t be put on hold. I arranged a day out with a friend and her children, but the original plan was changed and we instead decide to packed a picnic and go on a adventure. 


We were all really excited to go for a hike around the woods. Even Baby was excited and was loving her new carrier. So off we set, with our picnic packed the kids raring to go and everyone excited for the fun.

“We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.” 


“We’re Going To Catch A BIG One.”   

 “What A Beautiful Day!”

 “We’re Not Scared.” 


We had great fun and we ticked most of the books adventures, like mud, forest, a little beck (almost a river). Lucky for us there wasn’t a snowstorm or any dark caves. 

Sadly we didn’t find any bears but we saw sheep, cows, horses and a cute family of donkeys. 


We managed to get round our walk and at end we worked out that we had all managed to do about 4 miles and were completely exhausted. But like kids do they some how managed to find loads of energy just as we got home to sit down. 

It was then that the boys asked if they could have a camp out. I thought why not the weather is lovely and I knew our tents needed to be aired out soon. (It had been a few years) 

So we got out a tent and put it up in the garden.


The boys wanted a camp fire to roast marshmallows but that wasn’t possible, instead we managed to talk them into a BBQ for tea.

They seemed happy with them. 

Soon it was time for my friend and her girls to leave, Hubby and our girls went to bed. Which left me and the boys to try to snuggle down and get comfy in the tent in the garden. 


As you can tell they were very happy and really excited. 

When I first agreed to the idea of camping in the garden I had seriously thought that they would have been happy to sit in tent, tell ghost stories and then realise it was cold, uncomfy (my air bed bust a few years back, so we were sleeping on just hard ground) and that they would want to crawl back into their own beds in time for me to curl up on sofa and watch Scandal.

I was very wrong and we stayed out there all night. They even stayed out there this morning when I had finally decided I could pretend to sleep anymore an I needed the loo and then a coffee!

I was happy to see they loved camping as much as I normally do. Hopefully next year when baby is a little older we can look into booking a family camping holiday.

Do you ever acted out your kids books?

Have you ever camped in the garden?

Nikki x

Ps, sorry it’s such a photo heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it.

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Dog On Stilts – Book Review

Books have always been a major passion of mine. (when I have the time to read)
I love nothing more then getting lost in a good book. So reading is something I really try to get my children into.
We take regular trip to library and I try to buy at least 1 new book at birthdays and Christmas.

That’s why when I saw the opportunity to review a new book. I jumped at the chance. I was even more thrilled to find out my family and I had been given the chance to read Dog On Stilts by James Thorp & Angus Mackinnon aka The Superhairies.

They also wrote The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race.

Within a few days I received a beautifully cloth bound, hardback book that was full of amazing pictures and colours. I was surprised because the style and colours in the book aren’t what you except to see in a children’s book. But I think there all part of what makes this book so great.

IMG_1389.JPGIt’s a different style and take on a familiar sentiment.

“Our true friends love us just the way we are”

The story is about Medium Dog, who thinks that he is too ordinary to fit in with all the other dogs, because they were all far more interesting then him.
So he comes up with a plan to help himself stand. By making himself stilts, so he stood taller then them all. Until he came down to the world with a bump and realised he was interesting enough for his friends to love.

IMG_1391.JPG The way they got this message across was great. T and P engaged with the book straight away and knew what the meaning in the story was. E loved all the illustrations and the way the book had to be turned to the portrait angle to follow along with the story. They all loved the way the story flowed and rhymed. Even Baby gave a giggled and clapped along, specially to the Dog On Stilts – The Musical.

This book is a great idea for a Christmas present for the children any family because it is fun, colourful and puts across the great message to be yourself and people will love you. It can be found in most book store for the price of £10.99. It is published by Digital leaf.

We all really enjoyed this book and were so happy to be given the chance to read it and review it. I personally look forward to any future books this pair come up with.

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the book to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.

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