Our #AngelDelightMoments Challenge

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With this challenge I wasn’t that excited because I am not a big lover of Angel Delight. Never really have been but every other member of my family love the stuff and where super excited about the bubblegum flavour.

I decided that I would surprise my kids and big kid, by having some angel delight ready for when they got home from school and work.
So my little helper E and I had a go at making it.


I filled a bowl with 330ml or half a pint of milk, opened the packet and let E do rest of work.

She really enjoyed been able to make it herself with very little help from me.

So while she was whisking. I got the little fishes and sliced up some strawberries to have on top of the angel delight.

Once it was all whisked, I poured it into the bowls to set got 5 minutes before I topped it with the sliced strawberries.


The kids loved it and my big kid let me have a little taste of his.
I’m still not a lover but I will say you can smell the bubblegum flavouring from the moment you open the packaging.
The taste isn’t too over powering though and brought back many memories of my childhood chewing bubblegum in playground.

I have already been ordered to buy more because they want me to make the bubblegum milkshakes that it shows on the back of the packet.


So there is our #angeldelightmoments, what was yours?

Nikki ❤


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item.

A timeline of my day!

I am linking up with Emma at outnumbered as part of the #BEDAoutnumbered challenge.

Day 17: Timeline of your day. (In photos, words or both)

My day started at 8am (sorry no picture I’ll save you the nightmares of me when I just woken up with bed hair)
The kids were all excited as we had a fun day planned and T was excited cause it was his day with his dad.
So after breakfast T left with his dad and we got ready to set off. We left at 10.55am and arrived at bus station for 11.15am.

We set off and arranged to meet a friend in the bus station. After what seemed like forever (nearly an hour on the bus) we arrived in Leeds and then it was a short walk before we were at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds at 12.40pm.

The kids were super excited. Even more so when P saw the Ironman statue.

We were given a little booklet that told us when all the demonstrations were on. I noticed that there was one due to start at 1pm, so we went upstarts to go watch before we had lunch.

IMG_3064.JPGThe kids enjoyed watching the sword fighting (even though they were hungry and wanted lunch, so we gave them some raisins to snack on). Then we went for lunch in the picnic area. Once we finished we went on to look round the museum

IMG_3066.JPGand have some fun 😀



IMG_3069.JPG By which point it had gone 4pm and we were all completely shattered.

So it was time to go home.

We got a bus to Bradford interchange and then waited for our bus home.

By which point it had reached 6pm and we where all tired, hungry and the adults needed coffee.

IMG_3070.JPG So I chilled and started my blog challenge for the day, while my hubby started tea. After my break and caffeine injection. I went on to finish tea and pour myself a glass of much needed wine.

IMG_3065.JPG (Tea was yummy by the way!)
We finished eating at 7pm and bedtime rolled around. So once the little one were in bed the hubby and I enjoyed a cuddle and a chill watching TV.

Which leads me to this point.

What did you do today? And was it fun?

Nikki ❤

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