From the first snow flake that falls I am a massive child. I just totally adore Snow. It makes everything look clean, it makes the nights so much brighter and it makes even the most hideous places look like a magical wonderland because it hide the rubbish and junk under a nice thick blanket of snow.

But most importantly I love to go out into the snow and play with my kids. I love building snowmen, doing snow angels and having snowball fights.

So this year when it we got our first lot of snow the excitement started to build as I came up with loads of ideas for myself and kids to do. Unfortunately that excitement was very short lived when the snow didn’t settle or we didn’t get enough snow. But then the weather forecasted days of snow. I thought to myself “This is going to be the snow I can play out and finally build a snow man!” I was wrong and the snow was turning to slush almost as quick as it was settling.
I was disappointed and scared that we were going to have another year with no snowmen ⛄️.
Then last night it as the snow began to fall. I was filled with the same giddy excitement I am every time it snows. Almost as bad as a child on Christmas morning, jumping and dancing around. Just itching to open they’re present.


The fore cast was for nearly 24 hours of snow. I couldn’t believe it but I also tried my best not to get my hopes up too much in case it was wrong or it all turned to slush before I got up.

Again I was so very wrong and this morning I woke you to a magical winter wonderland in my garden that would give the movies a run for there money.

It was beautiful. My most favourite thing about when it snows is how fresh and crisp the air smells. It is like all the pollution is sucked out of the air and its is clean. (I know it isn’t but just for a little while everything seems clean)

Sadly this morning the schools were still open. So the kids couldn’t have a snow day 😔. I was a little gutted for them because snow days are them most amazing things ever for kids, but after having a few difficult nights with both E and Baby keeping me up all night. The kids going to school was welcomed as it meant I could have an hour to do nothing while Baby napped an rest were at school.
I made up for it when I went to pick E up from nursery, by taking the sledge.

I picked E up on here own and she loved me running through the snow as she screamed “faster” and “again”. Turn when she had enough of being pulled she took a turn at pulling her snowballs she was collecting to take home. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
Once we made it home I decide that before we wet in to get warm I would give Baby her first ride on the sledge. She loved it even if E nearly pushed her out of it at the end! (I caught her before she face planted in snow)

After we had finished sledging I let Baby have her first big of contact with snow and I let her crawl around and have some freedom while E and I built a snowman.

E loved every second of it and so did Baby. She only started getting fussy has we put the head on the snowman. The rest of the time did had sat and kick, touches and played with the snow. Soon as we got the head on I call time and said we would all take a break to get warm bad finish the snow man after. E was happy with this and we went in for lunch.

After we all had full bellies and were warm through. It was time for Baby’s nap. So while she snoozed E and I added the finishing touches to our snowman. It was still snowing, and it had already started to fill up the gap where we used the snow for the snowman.
The snow was so thick that the idea of trying to push a pram through it to do school run, was a no go. Thankfully my mum and dad were happy to walk up and collect the kids. They even picked up E and the sled to meet pick them up.


This was great because it meant I could chill out and relax for a bit. It also meant there would be enough snow to build snowmen with the boys and A when they got home from school.
The boys were eager to start building as soon as they got home, so we got right on with it. I helped P build his, While T wanted to do his all on his own and E danced about between the two.
I was amazed at how quickly we managed to get the snowmen up. Within a matter of minutes they were built and the kids were do happy with them. T’s took a little bit longer to build but he was adamant he could do his alone.
I must say he did a good job and we actually managed to get them all built and finished in 15 minutes. The bad side to this was because we were all done and inside before A came home. So the idea of going back outside in the cold wasn’t very appealing.


Luckily A was understanding and was happy to wait. Which also meant we had chance to let more snow settle. Just before we had our tea A and I went out into the garden and got to work with building a snowman. Again it took hardly any time at all.
By the time we had finished my garden was looking like something out of a Dr Who episode. We had 4 snowmen and if we really wanted to we could make more.


It really was a great day and it is one of the reason I love snow. But I know not everybody does and to some a snow day is the there idea of hell.
So where do you sit, do you love snow or hate it?

Nikki x

#mysundayphoto 11/1/2015

This picture has been on my Instagram account, twitter and Facebook but is still my favourite picture of the week. I love how cheeky my kids look while I am reading their bedtime story. I also love that E is sticking her tongue out an so not taking it seriously. This is a picture that sums up the craziness in my life 😝.

Nikki x



Trying to get out with the kids.

Over the Christmas half term holidays, I always plan for lots of indoor activities and (weather permitting) out door fun too.
But instead my family and I tend to become hermits, staying indoors watching films, playing games or doing arts and crafts.

This year though I didn’t want to be stuck indoors. I wanted to be out having fun, playing in the snow (before it melted) and getting some fresh air.
This didn’t really happen the first week of the holidays, though. Mainly because I was busy dashing off to do shopping, wrapping presents or recleaning my house for the 50th time, when the kids destroyed it.

This week though I have really made a real effort. I wanted to make sure that I got myself and the kids out of the house. (We were all going rather stir crazy)

It wasn’t planned and was just a last minute, spur of the moment. I decided to take my all kids to the park and let them run off their excess steam. (They were climbing the walls and I was really close to having a breakdown!)

So we just gathered ourself together and went off to the park, with a football. It was starting to lightly rain and the dark clouds were rolling in. I didn’t actually think we would make to park before we would turn back. Fortunately the rain held off and we made it to the park. (Even if it was bloody freezing) the ground was still covered in the last little bits is frozen snow and ice.

When we entered the park the kid ran off in every direction. The older kids went of in a sulk and find a make shift goal. (I wouldn’t let them go to the football field on their own because I couldn’t see them from the park. T didn’t like that because he “is old enough now!” Apprently)
I ignored his little moans of protest and went to go push Baby on the swings while E played on slide before joining us.

P and A gave up on the idea of football and decided instead to smash up the snow/ice, that was scattered the grass or the playground and the play on the big basket swing. This annoying T who was still in a sulk over not being able to play football on the field and he was verging on having a full meltdown. When I threatened to take us all home. He eventually came round quickly when I came up with the idea of a relay race around the park. (A few laps was sure to burn all that sulkiness out of him)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9ee/65683610/files/2015/01/img_6749.jpg He was thrilled when I got my phone out to start timing them all. They had a few races against each other and then T wanted me to time him by himself. A, was going to have a go too but changed her mind after 1 lap. E tried to keep up with the elder 2 (I didn’t time her though) and P just wanted to play.

So with cheers from me the kids ran and I timed their laps. At first T was going to do 4 but after his 2nd he said he could only do 1 more. He was very pleased with the result.

Once all the kids were done I decided it was time to go. I got a chorus of “Awwwww’s” when I told the kids but the street lights had started coming on and it was getting to cold for Baby to be staying out. So we went home.

The kids still had great fun and even though they didn’t play football and nothing was planned we still managed to eventually enjoy ourselves, get fresh air and burn off some stream.

Nikki x

country kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The school morning juggle

This morning has been a hectic one.

Firstly I woke up late then T decides to remind me, at 8am that he needs trackie bottoms for a PE trip today! ~argh~
After a quick saviour phone call to grandma to see if she had some I managed to get all the breakfast ready and E dressed for school.
I left P to his own devices thinking he would manage to get himself ready.
~This was my second mistake~
I walked in to find him with wellies on and his jumper backwards.
This is a common sight in my house.
No matter how much I try to teach P to dress himself he always want to have his own “style” but unfortunately the school don’t agree with his style. I regularly get comments about how he is dressed inappropriately or how his shoes are on wrong feet and jumper on backwards etc.

After telling him numerous times to sort out his jumper and change his shoes. P begrudgingly did as I asked.
By this point T had worked himself into a right state over his trackie bottoms.
(grandma was still searching her house for them)
I had then asked him to get dress and wait to see what happens. (if all else failed I was going to send him with some PJ bottoms that looked like jogging pants

As his temper and melt down hit fever pitch, he stormed into living room to start getting his uniform on but then started shouting at his siblings because they were in the living room “watching” him get dressed.
He got really upset, when I tried to explain that he could easily go get changed in one of the 4 empty rooms upstairs.

That wasn’t good enough though. He stamped up the stairs grumbling and muttering under his breath (probably cursing me)
Luckily the time away gave him chance to calm down and eventually realise we weren’t try to be mean to him and he was being unreasonable.

Just then grandma arrived at the house carrying some Nike jogging bottom that were a size too big. That didn’t matter though because we managed to adjust them and make it all work.

I was so glad once he had calmed down and his anger defused because we were able to get out the door and to school on time without anymore meltdowns.

It was on the way to school I noticed P had sneaked his body warmer out with him instead of his coat. But we were already half way to school and even though I knew school wouldn’t approved we would be late if we went back and I forced him to change into something more “school acceptable” so I decided to just let it go and not have another argument.

Also it was E’s first full morning at nursery. She had done a few warm up sessions at the end of last week but today was her first time there for longer then an hour. (I think I was more nervous then her)
We walked in and she was great at first. She trundled off to sand pit as I hung up her things and talked to her teacher about who would be collecting her.

It was when I tried to say goodbye that she clung to my leg asking me to stay. (she wanted me to play in sand with her)
I explained I was just going home for some breakfast (I hadn’t managed to eat yet due to melt down) and a coffee then I I would be back to pick her up.

She was having none of it at first and really didn’t want me to leave. I could feel myself wavering just as her teacher came back again and started to talk to her about painting, snack time and of course Frozen! Soon as she mentioned Elsa. E let go of my leg and waved goodbye. I was shocked but decides to make a hasty exit in case she changed her mind. (I would call in an hour to see how she was doing)

You can not imagine the amazing feeling I felt as the stress melted away on the walk home.
I was able to breath a sigh of relief because I had managed to defuse a meltdown, get all kids up, fed and almost completely dressed suitably for school. While keeping E settled and excited for school.

I knew I had earned my coffee and breakfast when I got home!

Nikki ❤

#MorningWin sponsored by Belvita Breakfast biscuits.

This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at


It’s Saturday morning before 7 am and I am awake. My body protests at the injustice of this act, as I drag myself out if bed. It’s then that I remind myself that I can’t complain because got an extra hour sleep today, as we normally have to get up at 6 am to all be fed and ready to make the bus for boys swimming lessons. But today grandma is driving them in her car. So I got one of those ever illusive sleep in’s(if you can call 7 am a sleep in)

I scurry into the boys room as quite as my creaky house will let me. As the girls are still happily in the land of nod and I want to see if I could push my luck and maybe be able to get and extra 30 minutes, once the boys have left.

They yawn and moan as they wake up. I shhhhhhh them as politely as I can because I don’t want to fall at first hurdle.
T makes his feeling well known about having to get up but actually does it very quietly.
We make are way down the stairs. The floor boards groan and squeak, almost tauntingly as we descend. (have you noticed every sound becomes louder if it’s before 8am?)
Once downstairs I stop to see if I hear the little pitter, patter of E’s feet or the mumble of baby protesting she is awake.


I breath a sigh of release. We made it past the first hurdle.
The boys sleepy curl up on the sofa enquiring about breakfast and rubbing their eyes. They let out a chorus of cheers when I tell them it’s Belvita breakfast biscuit.
This is because the biscuits slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours (prefect for swimming lessons). The kids love them because they taste great (specially the new hazelnut or chocolate chip flavours) and best of all they come in individual packages meaning the boys, can take them and some fruit with them.

That’s when the game moves up a level as the endless nattering a of

“I can’t find this or I don’t have that”

came into play.
I rushed around my minefield of a house searching for the hidden and missing items of clothing (I am sure this is what the draws in their bedroom are for). Soon the boys are dressed and their bags are packed and I still have 10 minutes to spare.
So I stand in my kitchen deciding whether or not to make myself a coffee or tea to enjoy my breakfast biscuit with (chocolate chip of course).

It’s then that I notice the chill in the air and think maybe I should just click the heating on for 5 minutes to let the house warm up.
No sooner had the boiler fired up that I realised that my radiators where full of dry washing that needed folding away. But I couldn’t waste this one blast of heat I had allowed myself. So I rush round emptying and refilling the radiators. Attempting to make the smallest dent in my mountains of washing.

After I finish placing the last item my phone buzzes to life with I text saying grandma is on her way. The boys grab their things and rush to the door as I again shhhhhhh along behind them. P runs to the car as I stand waving goodbye and T pulls the door closed behind him.


I freeze to my spot thinking the whole thing is over. That had to have woken the girls.

I stand listening for a sign they’re awake. After a minute I realise my luck is still going strong. I decide to forget my brew and breakfast biscuit and instead opting to lock the door and sneak back up to my room.
I do this with the stealth of a teenager coming in late from a night out and not wanting wake her parents.

I quickly make it to my room but here comes the tricky part. Can I make it from my door to my bed without waking baby?
On my tiptoes I glide across the room holding my breath as baby readjust her position. Sure my luck had run out and the whole thing was over. But with a little yawn and the cutest sound ever she snuggles her teddy and goes back to sleep.

With one more step and I have made it to my bed! I quickly pull the covers over myself and breath. The feeling of triumph is amazing but I can’t celebrate and sleep. So I make a quick plan to treat my success with a yummy breakfast, when I wake up.

I curl back down and relax under my quilt still able to feel the lingering warmth of the nights sleep.

This morning is a major #MorningWin and I have managed to do the unthinkable and get back to bed for a morning nap! My breakfast treat can wait. Sweet dreams all!


Nikki ❤


My word this week is Birthdays


This week was the start of the birthday season in this house. With 4 birthday in 3 weeks. It’s a time that is full of fun, excitement, presents and lots of cake.

It’s also a time that really hits the bank hard and I have to budget/present buy all year round to make sure they have a great day.

The birthdays started this week with E and T sharing their birthday. They were born on the same day, 7 years and 51 minutes apart. Which is completely amazing and great but also really expensive because they are both into different things and throwing a joint party isn’t an option for a stubborn strong willed nearly 3 year old or an argumentative nearly preteen, who is hitting double figures.
So we had to have 2 parties. Which was fun but extremely stressful. I did think about T having his party the weekend before his birthday to make thing easier but I had to change my plans because his dad wanted to spend that day with him. The only day available after that was his birthday.

Once we had the parties booked the real fun began and this week has been a crazy week of planning an me making sure everything was ready and sorted. I had to send out invites, buy decorations and wrap all their presents.

Unfortunately my hubby was working nights and slept most of the days running up to the parties. So he wasn’t much help but he made sure he had their birthday off and that all that counted to me.

On the morning they were over the moon and their little faces lite up with excitement

IMG_1307.JPG as they ripped into their presents.
It was a great moment that makes me proud to be a mum.

The older kids had to go to school and E got ready for her Docmcstuffins themed party at a local indoor play area.

IMG_3572.JPG It was loads of fun and we invited all her friend from play group and I invited some of my friends with kids the same age.

IMG_3626.JPG (I took more photos then this but I don’t like put picture of other peoples kids unless they having given me ok before)

The party went great and she was completely poohed afterwards. There was no time to rest though because we had to go get the older kids and out again to T’s bowling party.

When I was planning T’s party his preteen(ness) shine through because he stated the he didn’t want his family bowling with him, he just wanted his friends and we were relegated to the lane next to it. Is case we “embarrassed” him.

Luckily the party went off with out a hitch and there was no embarrassment in sight.

By the end of the party all the kids were worn out but hyped up on sugar. I was also totally exhausted. But it was nothing a good nights rest (ha) and a day cleaning my house.

The rest of the week has been spent cleaning, taking boys to there after school activities and finding places for all the new toys.

This weekend is we have 2 parties to go to and then it’s my stepdaughters birthday next week and Baby’s first birthday the week after that.

So that is why this week my word is birthdays.

What is yours?

Nikki ❤

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