Chocolate chip pancakes (American style)

My kids love these they also love helping me make them.


It’s a little treat I make either when the kids have been good or to persuade them to be well behaved.

As there is 7 of us I tend to double my recipe but as the average family is 2 adults 2 kids I’ll give you my normal recipe.

135g/4oz of plain flour
1tsp baking powder
2tbsp of caster sugar
130ml of milk
2tbsp of melted butter/margarine
1tsp of vanilla
Chocolate chips

Mix all dry mixture together in a bowl.
Melt the margarine and leave it to cool slightly (I also use the frying pan to melt the margarine and then use same pan to do pancakes, just to be super unhealthy.)
whisk together the egg, milk and margarine and then slowly pour and whisk the wet mixture into the dry smoothly.
Once it’s all mixed add the vanilla and spoon in to a hot pan and top with chocolate chips.


To be extra indulgent for the kids. I let them add golden syrup and sprinkles. My husband also like them with sausages and bacon.


Nikki ❤