After last week, when the girls and I had all been struck down with illnesses. I was hoping this week would be better.


My lovely cold still hasn’t disappeared and has steadily got worse as this week has worn on. The sickness bug came back round to rear it’s ugly head again. It affected Baby this time though. The first time round it was really mild with her but this time it was like a scene out of the exorcist! All over my sofa and her dad.
So this week I have been looking after poorly children again, while trying to nurse myself back to health.

Then there is the fact Baby has now decided she doesn’t want to sleep through night anymore due to teething and she wriggles about so much on a night she moves off of her tommee tippee mat that’s attached to her monitor. So it goes off through night scaring me out if my sleep and to find her smiling up at me from the cot.

Cheeky little miss

Add that to the daily chores, play groups, activities, general life stuff and and spending time with the kids. I am totally and completely exhausted and can’t wait until I finally get a full night of unbroken sleep.

Nikki ❤

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