Just one of those days.

Being a mother is hard, it’s long hours, hardly any sleep, you have to be mum, nurse, cleaner and teacher. It is a 24/7 job and you don’t get paid. The only bonuses are the dazzling smiles on your kids faces, the warmness of their embraces has they hold tight to your leg and that brief moment in time where you can bask in their love before you turn into an embarrassment.


But some days those bonuses just aren’t enough and your left with the weight of the world resting on you and the feeling of pure exhaustion while you fight to get everything done before the next day begin.

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids with every fibre of myself but sometime a woman just needs a break and today has just been one of those days.

It started with my alarm not going off an both my husband and I waking up at 7.40am thinking it was Sunday.

We Wish!

Nope sadly it’s Monday morning and the kids haven’t woken us up and neither did our alarm. So we were running 40 minutes late. Luckily the clean school uniforms where put on the radiator the night before. Unfortunately they were still wet.


After a quick stint in dryer the clothes are done and the kids go off to school but not before I have had to break up 1 argument, changed 2 nappies and breastfeed my daughter. Who is too busy smiling up at me to eat and keeps getting put off by the noise her sibling are making.

Most of my morning was pretty enjoyable. Had friends round for coffee, made plans for the rest of week for play groups and areas. Then in the afternoon we went to a great down syndrome play group with sunshine & smiles in Leeds.


It was upon leaving the fun of the afternoon that things started to go wrong.
First being my husband sleeping in from his nap before work tonight and us having to completely rearrange our plans to cover the 2 school runs to pick up my boys and stepdaughter. So after the stress and a last minute dash all is right again.

or so I thought!

We only forgot P’s optician appointment which was at 3.30pm and we didn’t remember until 3.50. Another mad dash and more rearranging.

I come home to yet more surprises, arguments and again me having to sort though an rearrange my plans to accommodate everyone else.

Then it was tea time, we finally sat and ate but E had other ideas an thought her toy box was more fun. The battle to get her to sit and eat again had begun.
Next Ivy decided that she wanted to join in the fun spitting out every spoonful I feed her.
E never actually did finish her tea before it was time for her to go to bed.

So once she was in bed, as if on cue the older kids start nagging about their TV or Xbox or DS time. We come to an agreement an they slowly start filing off to bed at their usual bed times but as I try to put T and my stepdaughter down I find P and E still awake.

sometime I hate daylight savings

What is is about the clocks changing that always messes with the kids sleeping patterns.

After a shuffle around and T sleeping in my bed I finally get chance to chill but I am left feeling emotional beaten, physically drained and alone as my husband left for work after E was in bed.

I just keep reminding myself tomorrow is a new day and after some decent sleep I will be my happy go lucky mum again but today has beaten me.

Nikki ❤;

Tonight is going to be long…

I’m sat on my sofa with my little miss Baby is asleep next to me. I keep checking her breathing and touch her skin to see how her temperature is doing.

All day she has been fussy and not really seemed herself. She wanted to be held a lot and I noticed she seemed a little warm. I asked my husband to check, thinking maybe my own natural thermometer was off. He had a check and said she was fine.

I wasn’t fully sure but I couldn’t find my under arm thermometer to check it that way.

By tea time I was sure her temperature was rising. I searched high an low for the thermometer, finding it under my bed of all places. It must of been knocked under there the last time one of kids was ill.

I don’t know if it’s just me or all mums but I have a stash of calpol, thermometer and spoon in my bedroom because then your prepared for when you get that 3am knock on the door saying one of them is sick. I do this because the idea of having to stumble down the stairs in dead of night is both a health risk due to the obstacle course of toys in the dark and hassle because I always forget the alarm key until I reach the bottom step. It starts to beep in excitement, taunting me as I clamber back up the stairs. Hoping to reach my keys before it lets out it’s ear splitting screech and wakes the rest of house up.
So I keep the important things to hand to avoid the above happening.

But back to the present. I found the thermometer and have found my little miss has a temperature of 39.0.

So it’s calpol to the rescue

Now it’s 4 hours later an her temperature is slowly raising again. Her little cheeks are flush red and the thermometer reads 38.2. I have had to book her the earliest appointment with out of hours doctor at local hospital for 2.30am. So her dad is coming home early from work and grandma is taking us there 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be brought to you by coffee and power naps!

Nikki ❤