5 ways to know your ready for the kids to go back to school.

If your a mum to many school aged kids, like me. You will be slightly gutted that August is nearly over and summer is coming to an end but completely elated that it means the school days begin again 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids completely. But after 6 weeks of almost constant arguments, hissy fits and endless “but why mum?” I am totally ready for their school to open it’s gates and for normality to return to my home.

So here is my list of 5 ways to know your ready for your kids to go back to school:

1. Exhaustion has set in.
At the beginning of the holidays I remember dreaming of my morning lie in with giddiness that was school to my kids. All because I didn’t need to set an alarm and would wake up when the kids did.
But like many parents, by day 2 and my second 6am start. I realised that it was a foolish day dream that was never going to happen and all those mornings my kids complained and moaning about being woken up at 7am were just a torment. Because now they have chance to sleep in and their up earlier. WTF !

2. Your back account is no longer has pounds but pence!
After school shopping, food bills and days out filled with kids wanting more! Your bank account has seen better days and is nearly, completely void of funds and is in serious need of reviving.

3. Your laundry pile never ends.
It doesn’t matter how many loads you put on or clothes you wash and put away. During the night it’s multiplies and this endless pile of washing has somehow turned into a mountain that even the most experienced and bravest of climber wouldn’t tackle. And it’s all for you 🙂

4. You begin to channel your parents.
After weeks of bickering, nattering, fighting and “he did”, “she did”. You have done something you swore you would never do and become your parents. You will find yourself uttering a phrases you swore you would never say, when you were a stroppy teenager. But it will come out before you have chance to stop yourself and then you will realise you have become your mum!

5. The countdown!
If your anything like me you will have been counting down the weeks/days recently. I more then most this time because we had our holiday early and I got the school shop over with as quickly as I could. I didn’t want to have to face the crowds or wrestle a mum for the last pair of pumps that were size 11. So the last few weeks have had us mainly stuck indoors due to crap weather and low funds (refer to no.2). So I have been counting the days down until normality returns and my day consist of cleaning, play groups and coffee mornings with friends 🙂
And your ready to do the back to school dance 🙂

So don’t worry if your a tired, frazzled mum like me. Who is counting down the days until her little angels are at school because then she can finally clean her house, resort order to her life and tackle her mountains of washing that have built up over the holidays.
I am with you and I understand. I will be doing the MUM DANCE on Tuesday 🙂


What about you?

Nikki ❤

TV: could you live without it?

“TV is very addictive, isn’t it mum?”

This is the question T asked me this morning and it got me thinking about this weeks The Prompt.

The questions for the prompt was:

TV: could you live without it?

In answer to T and his question. Yes TV can be very addictive and it is very easy to get caught up and lost in our favourite TV series.
I know I have a particular soft spot for Hollyoaks, Glee, Nashville, Bones and Big Bang Theory.
I have every show, series linked on to my sky box for the rare time that all my kids are asleep in bed and I actually have time to indulge myself.

I can honestly tell you that I barely get chance to watch my TV though. This is because I tend to have Disney Jr
on through out the day, mixed up with films and DVDs.
It’s not that we sit and constantly watch TV.
Most of time it is just back ground noise to the kids playing, drawing or arguing.

See being a mum to my tribe of kids, I am so use to loads of noise that I actually find silence deafening.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I am one of those mums that plonks her kids in front of their favourite TV show or puts on their favourite DVD so that I can get the cleaning done or just have 5 minutes to drink my cup of coffee while it’s hot. I do try my hardest to give my kids screen free time with days out, time in garden and trips to library. But when the weather is crap or during the winter months my TV is a major necessity because it keeps peace in my house and my kids happy!
I try to make it fun with movie nights, sky box offices and popcorn. I find It’s a great way to spend family time together.

So yeah I use my TV for a few things, like:

– A baby sitter while I go to the loo or quickly tidy round
– To help me switch off and just forget about the world around me when I have one of those days (once the kids are in bed of course)
– I also use my TV as a night light when my hubby works nights. (because at the age of 27 I am still scared of the dark. I just hit mute, curl up in bed and the light from the TV keep the shadows at bay)

So no I probably couldn’t live without TV even though to some people that would make me a bad person and a terrible mum, but I know I am with most of the population that let their kids watch TV to get peace and quite.

Nikki ❤