Bike riding fun!

Last year when P learned to ride his bike without stabilisers and ever since I have has a little E begging me for a bike. As she was only 2 at the time I put it off until I thought she needed one. This Christmas though she took matters into her own hands and outsourced for her bike by asking Santa!
She was thrilled on Christmas morning when she saw what mummy and daddy had brought her.

2015/01/img_4727.jpg We chose a bike that had a parent handle so we could help if and when she gets tired.

Since Christmas she has bugged and asked to go out on her bike. We did take her out a few times but no where that she could really have a go at peddling the bike herself.
So at the weekend I promised her and her siblings that we would go for a walk and they could take their bikes.

They were so thrilled and rushed off to get their bikes (A took her scooter because she can’t ride a bike yet and gets scared when trying). My hubby helped me round to grandma’s house and then went off to work. We did this because it was going to be too difficult pushing a pram and the bike at same time.

I did give it a go though just to be sure but E kept swerving into parked cars or the pram. So grandma pushed Baby while I pushed E and held my mum’s dog Bella.

We decided to walk up to the park so The kids could ride their bike along the paths, on the grass and around the fields. The area is also enclosed which meant I knew E would safe as well if she all of a sudden dashed off on her bike.

The older kids sped off I. Front and we’re having wail of a time. Poor E was itching to ride off with them but her little legs weren’t use to peddling yet and she wasn’t really able to keep up.
We all rode up to the football pitch and the kids had a run about (and so did the dog) before we rode back towards the park and started making our way home.

It was at this point E’s determination kicked in and she was ready to give it another go. Her big brother T gave her a few pointer and showed her what to do.

Next thing I knew she was off and peddling all on her own.

I was so proud of her and I could tell she was proud of herself.
Before I know it she will be wanting the stabilisers off her bike too.

Nikki x

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