Bradford Christmas lights switch on.

Tonight has been a fun, exciting, magical and stressful night.

I took my family to go watch the Christmas lights be switched on in Bradford town centre.

I was about worried about going because I knew it would be crowded. Also I knew I would be on my own with kids as my hubby had to work that night. With this in mind I decided to ask a couple of my mummy friends if we all fancied going together. Because then we could keep each other company as well as help each other when it came to toilet runs and watched each other’s kids.
You know “mummy team work”.

My friends K and E were more the happy to go along with my idea and we mixed a group with my 4, K’s 2 boys and E’s little girl. Making the grand total of 3 adults and 7 kids, 4 of which were 3 or under. (Yes we are mad)

We decided to set off into town at 4.15pm so we would be able to get a good place to watch the show. Which started at 5pm. We got a prime spot were we could watch the kids, the show and still chat/relax. (or so we thought)

The weather had been crap all day. It had been foggy/misty but luckily the temperature wasn’t too bad. So we all sat and waited for the show to start.

The sky was dull, grey and it started to rain just as the show began to start.
That didn’t deter people though and the area soon began to fill up with crowds of people. It was then that I realised my “prime spot” wasn’t that great. Specially when a loads of teenage and preteen kids started try and push us out off way.

The poor family at side of me kept getting hit by my bag and at one point baby even kicked the mum in the eye as I shifted her weight on my hip. I was mortified.

But it didn’t matter because there were Christmas carols sung by the school choirs. The best part of the whole show was the acrobatic aerial show. It was amazing and the kids liked what they could see of it because the crowds were moving in and blocking their view. Luckily the show moved high up into the air. Shoring high above the crowds meaning the kids got a great view and I managed to get some lovely pictures.


By this point the rain had stopped and we got to watch the show in amazement. Although T kept complaining he was hungry because he was sulking as I wouldn’t buy a flashing sword.

The Lord Major of Bradford switched on the lights which was great and the fireworks were great. All the kids loved watching them and the whole show was great. Even with the odd stressful bits. We all made it through and the light looked amazing and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Santa was even give out presents as we left. The kids were so excited and of course the presents where a small charge but I couldn’t resist buy them one each.

I am so glad I had my friends to go with though because otherwise the night would of been much more stressful. (as my E needed the toilet almost constantly and all kids didn’t want to go every time)
I am so thankful for great friends because they made my night, specially when we went to go feed the tribe. The giggles, the banter and the memories that were made were great 🙂

Nikki ❤

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Pampering day with friends

Like most mum I don’t often have time to pamper myself . I love spending a little time or money on myself but like most of us something comes up or something needs to be paid.

Recently I decided that enough was enough and I was in serious need of some pampering. So I arranged with my good friends K that we would meet up and go get hair or nails done or go shopping and spoil ourselves. Because we deserve it too 🙂

I was desperate to get my hair done because last time I had my hair done I was pregnant with Baby! So we agreed that the hair dressers was a definite port of call.
After we got coffee and checked out a few shops on way to salon :).

I was so nervous because my hair was to my bum and I was debating getting it all chopped off and having a colour done or not.

When we arrived I had decided I was going to go the whole hog and get a colour, cut and blow dry 🙂 I was feeling like I needed it.


I chose a lovely auburn/red for my hair and had a good amount chopped off my hair plus it restyled which was good. I was very impressed 🙂


I also thought it was matching my look for the day perfectly.


After K got her hair done we decided it was time to go get some lunch. At first we were going to get something simple like a subway or just go for a coffee but decide to treat ourselves some more and go to a wetherspoons restaurant 🙂

The best thing was is it was Tuesday steak day. We could get 2 steak dinners and a bottle of Hardy’s wine for £14.99. An absolute steal 🙂


I must say the food was lush and we had great fun together.


Plus her little boy and Baby had fun together too 🙂

After we finished. We agreed it would be best to follow the wine with a coffee. As we both had school runs to do and being slight tipsy in the school playground isn’t a good look. Even if we had been treated ourselves to lunch.

Once are coffees were gone we both got our stuff together and said our goodbyes because we were heading off in different directions to the schools.

It was a great and much needed day for both of us. We let off steam and had a giggle, while making ourselves feel more like us.

I hope we can do it again soon.
But next time we might get our nails done.

Nikki ❤

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A Fun day out.

With the weather being so great this weekend I wanted to get out and do loads with the kids. Unfortunately my bank balance hasn’t been to happy with my ideas because we have our holiday coming up soon and I have driving lessons to pay for!

Luckily though there are some great things you can do on a low budget and you can still manage to have a great day out with kids.

Saturday morning after the boys swimming lessons I was debating going to the library and then on to National Media Museum because it is free entry and is a day out with the boy. (we already had bus passes from the swimming lessons) so that wasn’t a problem.
So as I was starting to get ready I got a phone call from a friend asking if we fancied going out “because it was too beautiful to be stuck in doors.” I explained my bank balance problems and we decided to walk from our area to the Bradford Industrial Museum

because it is also free entry and there is a lovely big park just around the corner.
We decided with weather being so lovely and the fact that there was no direct bus to museum and there had been road closures due to Tour De France coming thought Yorkshire. That we would be better walking to 2 miles there and back (luckily it’s fairly level). We made a quick stop off at Morrisons (it was on the way) to buy some nibbles for a little picnic and in no time at all we were there.

Once we arrived at the museum we decide that we would eat our picnic first and then go have a look round and explore. We sat on the wall at the front gate by some cannons because there way a great grassy area that the kids could run around (even though they had walked that far they still had energy to burn). There is a picnic area with picnic tables and a indoor cafe area, for when the weather isn’t as nice, but we chose this spot because the kids enjoyed climbing on the cannons, spinning round on the grass and there was a little black structure that they kept running through and posing under (great photo opportunities)


It was at this point that we had our first problem. The cobbles in the street didn’t agree with my pram to much and one of the wheels came off!


I don’t know how many people have had that happen to them but when your 2 miles from home with no money, no car with a baby, toddler and 2 older kids. Let’s just say I was so glad I wasn’t on my own when it happened because I would have probably of cried.
My friends held Baby while I took a look at wheel and luckily if was fixable.
After that disaster was averted and I had managed to clean myself up (I had been knelt on floor arguing with the wheels) and pulled myself together. We carried on with our trip.

There was loads to see and the kids really enjoyed looking at all the different things inside the different buildings.


They have house set out like how they would of been when the workers lived there that also show how they changed over the decades from before, during and after WWII. (I didn’t get many picture because it wasn’t very pram friendly) We went round the old stables and the manor house (also not pram friendly as they are not allowed, neither are food, drinks, umbrellas or Large bags). They even had load of old fire engines! Carts and horse buggies. In the main building is the old mill. The machines in the mill are great and most are still in full working order. They sometime have the machine going, so you get a feel of what the mill was like in it’s hay day. When you have finished going through the ground floor mill there is a doorway that leads to a garage full of cars, old street signs and a massive train.

20140706-223257-81177495.jpg (All this area is all ramps and very pram friendly) leading on from there is the printing section which is full of the old printing presses they have used through out history. There is even a store front, post box and a print table with stamps, paper and ink for the kids to have a go.

20140706-223933-81573585.jpgJoining on to that is a room filled with an old bus and a tram you can look at and explore through windows.

There is a lift to go up to the second floor and a member of staff will take you up in it. (it is an old lift. I believe it’s the original on from when they mill was operational that has noisy sliding grate doors). Some of the kids were slightly worried at first while others thought it was cool.
On the second floor is more machines that are also still in working order. (I don’t recommend going if you have a head ache or don’t like loud noises) The machine upstairs are the one they use in the old wool mill. That clean, comb and spin the wool on to spindles.

As I walk though I am reminded that once upon a time my own mum worked in the mill before it closed down and there are picture hung on the walls of people throughout history who worked there.

In the next section there are some benches and more machine. This time though they have child size figures stood next to the machines. On the walls are stories, facts, pictures and reports of when children use to work in the mill in the 1900. (the first time I brought T and P here I emphasised how easy their life is now to what it would of been then. I don’t think it works cause during a meltdown I’m still the worse mum ever and their life is terrible).
We didn’t look around this bit much though because by the benches there were some lovely ladies who were demonstrating spinning wool and weaving on a loom.

They showed the kids and even let them have a go. T loved it, were as P was diving in head first and kept nearly breaking stuff.

E and the other littles played with a toy box full of teddies an blocks 🙂 by the time we had finished with the demonstration it was 4pm and time for the museum to close. We had been there over 2 hours and the time had just flown by and we still didn’t get chance to see everything.

Unfortunately because it was closing time the gift shop had closed because they have some really nice stuff and at reasonable prices. P was very upset by this but a staff member quelled his whimpers with a free Tour de France book mark.
We left an again went back on to the lovely cobbled road. I went as slowly as I could praying my wheel wouldn’t break again.
Luck wasn’t on my side because as we came out of the ground my wheel came off again.


Once I got the wheel back on I decided I wasn’t going to add extra pressure on to it by let E rude the buggy board. Luckily my friend had been lent a wrap to try and she had it with her. So with attempted to strap a tired E to my back.

(It has to be noted we had never wrapped a child to any of our backs before. I think we did well)
The walk home was long and we did make a short stop in the park but I was packed. So we sat in the shade a while and had a few left over nibbles (the kids ran around on the grass and played football) before I strapped E on to my back again and we carried on.
We finally made it back for just and I had to start on tea.

The kids loved it. As you walk round there are donation boxes for you to give money if you choose to. All the money goes to help pay for the running of the museum.

The museum was great fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone. You can’t complain when it has son much to offer and see. All for the great price of nothing. Unless you decide to donate money. (I gave what change I had in my purse!) during the holidays and summer they have events on it truly is a great museum and a fun day out (even with the wheel disasters) My wheel did managed to hold out until I got home and is fixed now. I honestly believe it would of been fine if it haven’t of been for the cobbled streets that was the only downside really.

So if your looking for anything to do with your kids on a budget this summer. Check out this museum. You won’t regret it.

Nikki ❤

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